Core Staff Programs

Throughout the year, Omega offers a selection of exclusive staff programs designed to enrich your life and build a sense of community. These offerings include classes, gatherings, and special events. During the season (April to October), core staff are welcome to attend Omega staff programs outside of normal work hours, or during work hours with approval from their supervisor.

There also are a number of special events available to core staff, including community dances, talent shows, arts and crafts fairs, and a Staff Sanctuary Hour, where we gather as a community to hear special guests share wisdom from their life experience. Speakers have included Seane Corn, Julia Butterfly Hill, Alex and Allyson Grey, Alan Arkin, Elizabeth Lesser, and Stephan Rechtschaffen.

During the winter months (November to March), core staff can enjoy various peer-taught classes. These classes may include yoga, astrology, knitting, and studies in the expressive arts.

Since most core staff work behind the scenes to produce or support Omega workshops and programs for our workshop participants, it is important for us to experience them ourselves from time to time. Each year, core staff are encouraged to take a tuition-free, 2-day workshop, on off-work hours (special permission from supervisors is required for a 5-day workshop).