Wellness Center Provider Application 2015

Returning Applicants

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Personal Information
Please Note: Omega can only hire staff that is eligible to work in the US and have proper documents evidencing identity and employment authorization.

The Omega Wellness Center offers a variety of services. We are currently hiring only for those listed below. Please mark all modalities that apply. Indicate only the services you can perform daily.

Some modalities require additional information with regard to licensure, training and certification. In order to complete the application process you must indicate all credentials for these services

For more information about the Omega Wellness Center prior to submitting your application please visit our FAQ section.

  • Insurance: Proof of insurance is required for any Provider who will be performing a hands-on service (Body Therapies, Skin Care, Treatments). This is required at time of agreement and must cover the duration of the seasonal commitment.
  • Demonstration of Service: A demo of your service is required if you are a new applicant, or have not worked with the Omega Wellness Center within the last 3 years.
  • Personal Bio: Please have your updated bio ready so that we may contract you with ease
NY State License

It is essential that you provide current and accurate information on the following. Failure to do so will result in your application being sent back. We must have your correct NY License and Registration number.

This is applicable to anyone offering hands on bodywork and is in compliance with NY State Law. You may use this link to look up your license number: http://www.op.nysed.gov/opsearches.htm.

Additional License

If you hold more than one license (modality or state) please indicate below.

Body Therapies

Please note in the Comment field whether you are adding or subtracting services from your previous years.

Energy Work

Please Note: We do not traditionally contract Providers who offer only these services.

Please note in the Other Services comment field whether you are adding or subtracting services from your previous years.

Skin Care

We offer a variety of facials using select products from Essensa and Lotus Moon. If you are able to perform classic European and standard peels you will be able to easily learn the protocol for our services.

Please note in the Other Services comment field whether you are adding or subtracting services from your previous years.


For any of the following you must be NY licensed in your field. Please note there are limited positions available for these services.

Please note in the Other Services comment field whether you are adding or subtracting services from your previous years.

Soul Focus

Please note in the Comment field whether you are adding or subtracting services from your previous years.

Wellness Sessions

For any of the following please indicate level of training and certification.

Please note in the Comment field whether you are adding or subtracting services from your previous years.

Other Services
Work Options
We offer work options for staff who live off-campus and those who live on-campus, with select start and end dates. Please indicate the work option best suited for you. There is opportunity to make additional comments at the end of this section.

Live Off-Campus

Start Date for the week of:

Live On-Campus: Full Time
Please note: this option is available only for full-time Body Workers and Estheticians. We anticipate the majority of our Wellness Providers to have off-campus accommodations, however we do hold a limited number of tent sites aside each season, eligible for our well priced On Campus Community Package. When allocating these sites we look for individuals who are able to commit to one of the work options below and work 5 days per week. These are individuals interested in fully engaging in the on-campus experience and eager to participate in various aspects of community life. If you are interested in learning more about this option, someone will be in contact with you.

Arrival and End date

Either On or Off Campus


Shifts are determined by Omega. These are discussed in more detail during the interview.

  • Full Time and On Campus Providers
    Please Note: You may indicate your scheduling preference, however days and shifts are determined by Omega. The opportunity to review your preferred schedule takes place during the interview process.
What, Why, How Omega?
It is important to us that we hear why you are interested in Omega. Your application will not be complete, and cannot be submitted, without first responding to the following questions. We look forward to learning more about you!


What specifically about Omega has inspired you to re-apply?*

Please reflect and share with us why you want to return to Omega, what was your most rewarding accomplishment/experience while working at Omega, and what new understandings are you prepared to bring to your work performance?*

Service & Professional References

Professional Reference: Please provide a professional work reference from a current or previous supervisor.

The Wellness Center Manager can not be a current reference for you on this application.

Service Reference: Please include a recommendation from an organization or an individual who you have helped through an act of service.


We begin reviewing applications in February. Spaces fill early so we encourage you to send us your application as soon as possible.

Priority is given to those who meet the following application deadlines:

  • Returnee Deadline: February 15th
  • 1st Priority: On or before February 22nd
  • 2nd Priority: On or before March 8th (also the deadline for those looking for on-campus housing)
  • 3rd Priority: On or before March 15th

Applications received after March 15th will be considered on a case by case basis.

Once your application has been received and reviewed the hiring manager will be in contact with you.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at FeelGood@eOmega.org.

All Staff Meeting—Required

Those hired will be required to attend our All-Staff Meeting in April. This will be discussed in the interview.


Q: Who Should Apply?
A: We look for professional, reliable, service-focused and community-oriented individuals seeking to be a part of an extraordinary team, ready and willing to engage in the unique experience Omega provides. We welcome individuals who can make a commitment to Omega's work and live up to those commitments while supporting the needs of the Wellness Center.

We seek individuals who see beyond the goal of a weekly paycheck, knowing that time spent at Omega is fulfilling on many levels. Your livelihood is a worthwile concern, and there is opportunity to experience financial reward while engaged at the Wellness Center, however, we discourage this as a prime motivation for applying. We cannot guarantee the number of appointments you will have each day. If you have reservations with regard to your fiscal needs, please reconsider your application. If however you are open to a truly transformational experience, including the opportunity to experience great complimentary meals, attend special staff classes and enjoy our beautiful campus, then we are the place for you!

Q: Do I need to be NY License within my field in order to apply to the Wellness Center?
A: Yes. If the state requires a license for the service you perform then that license must be issued by NY state.

Q: Do you accept Limited Permits for LMT's?
A: Yes. Please email FeelGood@eOmega.org with more detail of your inquiry.

Q: If contracted, what happens next?
A: If verbally contracted you will receive a letter of agreement along with our policy and procedure handbook. Attendance at our Wellness Orientation meeting in April will be required.

Q: What do I need to bring with me to my shift?
A: The Omega Wellness Center provides all the standard equipment that is necessary to perform our services (massage tables, music, oil and cremes, etc). Some services however require additional supplies which we do not provide. This is discussed in more detail during the interview process.

Q: Is there a dress code?
A: Yes, if you perform a service within the Body Therapies, Skin Care, Treatments or Wellness Sessions, please wear tan bottoms and a white top, or all white. These garments can be in any style of your liking as long as they are professional and there are no rips, tears or stains and are free of logo's. Street shoes are not allowed in treatment rooms.

Q: Are meals provided?
A: Each shift allows for at least a 30 minute meal break. We welcome you to enjoy these meals in our dining hall, free of charge, on the days you are on shift. We also have a great café where you can purchase a snack or a sweet treat.

Q: Are there other benefits to being a Wellness Center Provider?
A: Yes, many! When you become a Wellness Provider you are entitled to a variety of Omega discounts (Workshops, Bookstore, Café) as well as an opportunity to attend evening programs and some of the staff classes. This is discussed in the Handbook you will receive.

Q: How and when are appointments made for the clients?
A: Appointments are made by our reservation team (aka: Booking Agents, who are Omega seasonal staff). These individuals determine the times that are most appropriate for our guests based on their availability and the demand for the service. Providers are expected to be available and accessible for the duration of their entire shift so that we may book accordingly.

Q: Can you guarantee a number of appointments each day?
A: Although we cannot guarantee the number of appointments you will have each day, we do aim to book you for as many sessions as possible. If you have concern about being booked 5 or more hours per shift, then we encourage you to consider one of the shorter shifts we offer. If you have a concern for being under booked (from none to 3 hrs per shift) please refer to our FAQ section Who Should Apply?

Q: How do guests learn about the work I do?
A: We require that you submit a personal bio in the application. These bios are edited and then added to our service binders and placed throughout the campus for our guests to review. We also encourage you to offer sample demo sessions to the Wellness Staff. The more they know about you and the services you offer the more capable they are in sharing information about you and the work you do.

Q: Are schedule changes/requests permitted?
A: We rely on your commitment to the days and times states in your work agreement. Schedule changes are considered on a case by case basis. Generally, if you are unable to cover your shift it is your responsibility to find a replacement. Failure to do so can result in a release from your Wellness agreement.

Q: When will I hear back from someone about the status of my application?
A: You should receive a follow up email within 2 weeks of submitting your application, if not sooner. If you do not hear from us within that time frame please email FeelGood@eOmega.org and provide your name and the date you submitted your application.

Q: What are the dates of the 2015 Omega season?
A: The Wellness Center opens on April 25th and closes on October 25th.