Seasonal Community Experience

Each year, from April through October, Seasonal Staff and Seasonal Service Corps members join Omega to be part of something larger than themselves, practice compassionate service, and engage in meaningful work and service as part of our immersive holistic studies learning experience. Omega’s seasonal community is involved in all aspects of supporting the workshop participant experience at Omega. They enjoy our beautiful 200-acre campus, eat delicious meals in our mostly vegetarian dining hall, and have access to specially designed classes and community events, in everything from yoga to the arts to professional development.

From 18 year olds to retirees, community members come from all walks of life. There may be teachers on break from school tending to the garden, lawyers serving in the Dining Hall, and college students eager to gain team-building skills welcoming participants and helping with their luggage. Many individuals in mid-life find that a season at Omega is an ideal experience during a life transition or career change. It is also perfect for young graduates and active retirees who want to participate in community living. Together, Omega community members all play an integral role in cocreating Omega’s vibrant learning community—a responsive, nurturing, and supportive atmosphere in which to work, study, play, rest, and recharge.

Serving Our Mission

Omega provides innovative educational experiences that serve as catalysts for personal growth and social change. Supporting our mission and programs requires dedication from the entire Omega community.

Regardless of the specific tasks, all roles at Omega help us to fulfill our nonprofit mission. If we can approach all our tasks as an offering to our guests and to each other, our real work becomes an active exploration of compassionate service.

Service at Omega

Originally, Omega’s Seasonal Service Community developed as part of the vision Ram Dass had of Omega as a “School for Service,” where individuals could practice service as compassion in action. Through service, we learn about ourselves, others, and the world. Seasonal Staff and Seasonal Service Corps members practice two essential components through their work: offering compassionate service and providing excellent customer service. Compassionate service is a way of being rather than an act of doing. It means truly caring about another’s experience and it requires us to be fully present and engaged in every interaction.

Customer service is equally important. Customer service is an act of doing. It requires each of us to anticipate and provide for the needs of others, while following a set of standards that ensure a quality experience. Omega offers endless opportunities to explore the heart of service.

Education & Development

Omega’s programs, which are supported by the service community members through their work, embrace the concept of equal emphasis on developing mind, body, heart, and spirit, as well as the social dimensions of the self. Our holistic education program is designed to facilitate this process of self-discovery within the context of community. During the season, nearly 1,800 exclusive holistic studies program classes are available.

In addition to these classes, there are a number of events, including purification lodges, community dances, talent shows, arts and crafts fairs, and a weekly Sanctuary Hour, where we gather as a community to hear special guests share wisdom from their life experience. Speakers have included Seane Corn, Julia Butterfly Hill, Bobby McFerrin, Alex and Allyson Grey, Alan Arkin, and our cofounders Elizabeth Lesser and Stephan Rechtschaffen.

Why Omega?

Since 1977, Omega has served as a meeting place for great thinkers, creative talent, and leaders of the day—a resource for those who wish to be at the forefront of lifelong learning. Most service community members are drawn to Omega because they feel a strong connection with Omega’s mission and values and they have a commitment to personal growth and social change. Through work, participation in community events, and a dedication to compassionate service, community members also have endless opportunities to learn more about themselves, others, and the world

There are many other benefits to being part of our learning community , such as healthy meals; discounts at the the Omega Store, Omega Café, and Omega Wellness Center; and the use of campus facilities.