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Each year, we hire about 350 seasonal staff to help run Omega’s Rhinebeck, New York, campus programs. Omega determines the best position for each applicant, based on departmental needs as well as your experience and interests.  A requirement for all positions is the desire to be of help to others, coupled with a friendly, relational approach to your interactions.

While every staff member is hired into a specific department, at times individual staff are asked to work in other departments, such as housekeeping and dishwashing, when needed. As part of our Service Corps, all seasonal jobs at Omega require flexibility and a commitment to service. We do our best to fulfill preferences and match skilled individuals within our departments. Although the needs of every department can change from time to time, based on applicants and circumstances, below are descriptions of departments with opportunities for seasonal staff based on priority needs.

Omega Departments / Job Descriptions

Higher-Need Areas

The Campus Support Team manages the arrivals and departures of participants and guests, welcoming and helping people with their luggage. Staff need to be able to lift 50 pounds throughout long shifts.

The FoodWorks Team works together to run a full-scale food production operation that has been awarded 3-star certification by the Green Restaurant Association. Kitchen staff prepare all meals and are responsible for maintaining kitchen stations. Dining Hall staff bring food from the kitchen to the buffet lines and maintain the Dining Hall. Shifts are physically demanding and staff need to be able to lift 50 pounds, work quickly, and have good customer service. There are also Specialty Positions available, such as sous chefs; salad bar, line, prep, and breakfast cooks; baker; and pastry chef.

The Housekeeping Team cleans participant accommodations and all public bathrooms on campus. Staff need to be self-motivated and good team players

The Café Team serves snacks, drinks, sweets, and a limited menu. Seasonal staff fill positions such as baristas, line cooks, and cashiers.

The Production Team is responsible for the set-up and breakdown of every class, event, and workshop, including audio and visual support. The work is very physical and requires a fair amount of heavy lifting, which may occasionally include up to 50 pounds. Staff must be flexible team players, and have the stamina for long hours. There are also a limited number of positions in faculty support and administration.

The Audio/Visual Production Team provides audio and video production for workshops, conferences, and evening events. Seasonal staff positions include audio-visual technicians. Responsibilities include set up and operation of A/V equipment, event planning, customer service, and public speaking.

The Wellness Center Team includes receptionist and reservation positions, as well as positions with provider scheduling and facility care.  Reservation responsibilities include booking appointments, explaining services to patrons, scheduling and managing financial transactions. Customer service and excellent communication skills are essential in all roles.

The Children’s Program Team creates summer camp experiences for the children (ages 4–12 years) of workshop participants and guests. Staff must have training and experience in early childhood education.

The First Aid Team serves participants and staff, providing basic first aid intervention and emergency response. Seasonal staff with current CPR and First Aid certification fill these positions. First responder experience is required.

The Lifeguard Team works at Long Pond Lake from Memorial Day to Labor Day, maintaining a safe environment for all who use the beach. Staff must have current lifeguard certification and waterfront-module training.

The Maintenance Team handles most of the minor plumbing and mechanical needs of the campus, as well as maintenance of buildings and vehicles. Responsibilities require an understanding of basic maintenance, carpentry, plumbing, and electrical work, with the ability to make small repairs.

The Float Team supports all the departments at Omega that are short-staffed or in need of additional help, particularly Omega FoodWorks, Housekeeping, Campus Support, and the Omega Café. Floats assist mostly in the High-Need positions listed above. These are part-time positions only, for shorter periods of time.

Limited Position Areas

The Omega Store Team sells books, CDs, DVDs, jewelry, clothing, and yoga and meditation supplies. Omega Store staff is responsible for running the cash register, assisting participants, restocking shelves, and cleaning. Good customer service skills are essential.

The Garden Team maintains the Omega Garden and all flower beds and potted plants throughout campus. Commercial garden or landscape experience is essential.

The Guest Services Team operates much like the front desk of any resort. They handle participant accommodations, directions, travel questions, complaints, special needs, first aid support, and phone messages. Customer service and excellent communication skills are essential.

The People and Culture Team helps create and support community life at Omega. They are also responsible for hiring, orienting, and supporting all Omega staff members, assigning staff accommodations, and designing the programs and social events that are part of the staff compensation package. Seasonal staff fill positions such as administrative assistant, resident advisor, program coordinator, and arts building coordinator.

The Information Technology Team oversees all of Omega’s technologies, such as phones, copiers, and computers.

The Library Team maintains the books and audio recordings in the Ram Dass Library for staff and participant use. Seasonal staff need to be aware of library systems and have good customer service skills.

The Omega Digital Team provides video production for workshops, conferences, and the Omega website. Seasonal staff positions include: digital audio and video editors with writing and web experience, as well as office administration skills.

Public Relations Team provides support for Omega’s fundraising, media, and public relations efforts. Seasonal staff fill administrative positions and must have good computer skills.

The Reception Team greets, orients, and checks in all arriving participants. Seasonal staff fill positions such as receptionist and mail delivery person. Responsibilities include switchboard coverage, billing and housing information, metering and delivering mail, and administrative tasks. Staff must have strong customer service skills, good computer skills, and be able to work under pressure. 

The Quality Assurance Team offers compassionate, careful monitoring of Omega grounds and facilities, assuring a positive participant experience. Staff must have strong customer service skills, good communication skills, and be detail-oriented.

The Omega Women’s Leadership Center (OWLC) Team works on programs and initiatives that envision a future in which women's leadership advances nurturing and mutual relationships; healthy families and communities; and a peaceful, just, and sustainable world. Seasonal staff fill administrative positions and must have good computer skills.

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