Omega Service Community

Our Commitment to You

Omega is committed to our nonprofit mission of “awakening the best in the human spirit.” We aim to provide a truly immersive learning experience on our beautiful 200-acre campus. We offer Seasonal Staff and Seasonal Service Corps members a robust educational program that includes the opportunity to live and work in community, develop professional skills, and explore their own personal growth in a welcoming environment. 

Seasonal Staff and Seasonal Service Corps members participate in the Holistic Education Program (including nearly 1,800 exclusive classes each year); have access to campus facilities; receive discounts at the Omega Store, Omega Café, and Omega Wellness Center; and participation in a vibrant learning community. Also included are daily open classes in yoga, tai chi, meditation, and movement, as well as access to Omega concerts, dances, catalog sampler classes, and other special events.

In addition to the benefits listed above, Seasonal Staff members who work full-time hours will have the opportunity to earn as much as $167 per week or more, including allowances for three mostly-vegetarian meals per day and furnished indoor housing with utilities.

Seasonal Service Corps members serve for 28 hours per week, for a maximum of 13 weeks. They receive three mostly-vegetarian meals per day and are provided with a campsite and shared bathroom facilities.  

Your Commitment to Us

Seasonal Staff and Seasonal Service Corps members approach everyday tasks in the spirit of compassionate service, recognizing there is much to be learned when we view our contribution as an opportunity to gain deeper understanding of ourselves and others.

Seasonal Staff work full-time hours (usually 5 days per week) and must be able to commit to being with us for at least six months of the year (between April–October).

For those who wish to be part of our learning and service community, but are unable to make a full-time, full season commitment we also offer part-time community involvement through our Seasonal Service Corps (28 hours per week) for up to 13 weeks.

Please note that all seasonal roles at Omega require a commitment to service and flexibility, and may include evening and weekend hours as well as split shifts. Although you will be assigned to primarily one department, you may be asked to serve other departments if there is a need. We do our best to fulfill preferences and match skilled individuals within our departments, but Omega roles are about compassionate service, which can be expressed through any tasks, regardless of department.

Learn how to apply.

Learn how to apply for a seasonal staff job at Omega.