Seasonal Staff Work Agreement

The work you perform at Omega is an integral part of our organization. Every interaction you have with coworkers, participants, and teachers helps shape our learning community. You fulfill your job commitment to us by providing excellent service in each interaction. In turn, we fulfill our commitment to you through our extensive staff curriculum, three healthy, vegetarian meals every day, the use of all campus amenities, and other rewarding benefits.

Your Commitment to Us

Full Time: Full season (April–October); 40 hours per week (usually 5 days); must be able to commit to working the full seven months of the season to be considered for full–time staff.

Part Time: One, two, or three work periods (6–7 weeks each); exact dates will be discussed during your phone interview; 30 hours per week (usually 4 or 5 days).

Please note that all seasonal jobs at Omega require a commitment to service, flexibility, and may include evening and weekend hours as well as split shifts. Although you will be hired to work primarily in one department, you may be sent to other departments if there is a need. This arrangement allows for smoother operations and creates greater teamwork among all departments. We do our best to fulfill preferences and match skilled individuals within our departments, but Omega jobs are about compassionate service, which can be expressed through any work, regardless of department.

Our Commitment to You

As a seasonal staff member, you receive three healthy, vegetarian meals per day; the use of campus facilities; discounts at the Omega Store, Omega Café, and Omega Wellness Center; Omega Staff Programs (including nearly 1,800 exclusive staff classes each year); and access to and participation in a vibrant learning community. Also included are daily open classes in yoga, tai chi, meditation, and movement, as well as access to Omega concerts, dances, catalog sampler classes, and other campus events.

Further compensation is specific to full-or part-time status. This includes:


Full-time seasonal staff who commit to working all season (April–October) receive $50 per week (supervisors and returning staff are paid more). Part-time seasonal staff receive no stipend during their time at Omega.


Most full-time seasonal staff receive basic rooms or trailers, simply furnished, with shared baths. Part-time seasonal staff are provided with raised platform tent sites for camping on our beautiful wooded campus. You must bring your own tent and necessary camping gear—along with a sense of adventure!

Seasonal Staff Curriculum

Omega staff also enjoy participation in specially designed staff classes. These include Holistic Studies Classes (HSCs), Strategies for Conscious Living classes (SCLs), Life Skills Workshops (LSWs), and Full Season Guilds (FSGs).

Catalog Workshops

Seasonal staff who are contracted to work the entire season (full-time staff who arrive in late April or early May and stay through October, and part-time staff who arrive on or before early May and work three consecutive work periods) are encouraged to take one complimentary 2-day or 5-day workshop.

Learn how to apply for a seasonal staff job at Omega.