Who We Are

People are drawn to Omega from all walks of life and a range of backgrounds. Those who work at Omega embrace service as a personal ethic, strive to spread hope and healing in the world, and enjoy exploring and deepening their own life path. While we maintain approximately 70 year-round core staff, we also hire approximately 350 seasonal staff every year to help run Omega’s campus.

Core staff are salaried employees who work all year to plan, market, and implement the year’s programs, hire the seasonal staff, and handle the innumerable administrative, programming, and marketing tasks that keep Omega going. Most are residents of the Hudson Valley, and some are former seasonal staff.

The seasonal staff work from seven weeks to seven months, between April and the end of October, while the campus is open. They operate the facilities and fill essential support roles that help Omega offer its unique programs, workshops, and events. Our seasonal staff are between 18 and well over 80, and travel from all over the world to be part of our learning community.

Together, Omega’s core and seasonal staff work to provide innovative educational experiences that awaken the best in the human spirit. All Omega staff are hard working, service-oriented, and hope to make a difference in the world.