Celebrate What's Possible

Grand Opening Launch of the
Omega Women’s Leadership Center

September 22, 2012
Rhinebeck, NY

After many months of preparation and planning, Omega’s Fourth Annual Benefit Event and Grand Opening Launch of the Omega Women’s Leadership Center was held September 22, 2012 as part of the Women & Power conference weekend. The production complexity of this combined gathering required Omega to bring its highest level of internal and external expertise to produce the unprecedented scope of the occasion.

Inside a 28,000 square foot tent on Omega’s Rhinebeck campus, nearly 650 close friends, longtime supporters, and participants in the Women & Power Conference joined together in community to celebrate “What’s Possible.” Event leadership included Board Member and Benefit Chair Patty Goodwin and Co-Chairs Jacalyn E.S. Bennett, Sil and Peter Reynolds, and Gail Straub and David Gershon. Elizabeth Lesser moderated a conversation with OWLC Advisory Council members Eve Ensler and Isabel Allende, focused on imagination and how creativity has influenced their personal and professional lives. Singer songwriter and activist Maya Azucena ended the evening with an exciting musical performance that had everyone on their feet. By bringing the public conference and community celebration together into one interdependent celebration for everybody, not only was there merriment, but in one evening thoughtful friends contributed more than $219,000 toward the success of the OWLC.

1. On the path to the Benefit Celebration tent 2. Nancy Pedot and Ann Veneman, OWLC Advisory Council Member 3. Ubaka Hill, OWLC Advisory Council Member and Omega faculty 4. Chung Hyun Kyung, Women & Power 2012 faculty 5. Majora Carter, OWLC Advisory Council Member; and Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner 6. Under the tent at the Benefit Celebration 7. Patty Goodwin, Omega Board Member and Benefit Chair 8. Halla Tomasdottir, Women & Power 2012 faculty 9. Alex Nason, Weimo Zhao, and friend  10. Carla Goldstein, Omega Chief External Affairs Officer and OWLC Cofounder 11. Elizabeth Lesser, Omega Cofounder and OWLC Cofounder; and Isabel Allende, OWLC Advisory Council Member 12. Performer Maya Azucena 13. Ray Oberly and Joan Cabonaro 14. Eileen Fisher, OWLC Advisory Council Member; Peter Reynolds, Benefit Co-Chair; Sasha Fisher; and Sil Reynolds, Benefit Co-Chair and Omega faculty 15. Robert “Skip” Backus, Omega Chief Executive Officer 16. Lori Barra; Pamela Shifman; Pat Mitchell, OWLC Advisory Council Member; and Eve Ensler, OWLC Advisory Council Member 17. Jill Markowitz, Barry Ensminger, Leslie Kantor, and Cathy Cramer 18. Eve Ensler, OWLC Advisory Council Member 19. Chrissa Pullicino, Omega Public Relations Manager, Celia Alario, Heidi Hutner, and Terri Kennedy 20. Sally Field, OWLC Advisory Council Member 21. Elizabeth Lesser, Omega Cofounder and OWLC Cofounder; Carla Goldstein, Omega Chief External Affairs Officer and OWLC Cofounder; Sarah Peter, OWLC Cofounder; and Robert 'Skip' Backus, Omega Chief Executive Officer

Benefit Chair
Patty Goodwin

Jacalyn E.S. Bennett • Sil and Peter Reynolds • Gail Straub and David Gershon

Rita Freedman • Jacquelyn Mayfield • Thessy Mehrain • Jennifer Naylor


Omega Women’s Leadership Center

Elizabeth Lesser• Carla Goldstein• Sarah Peter

Advisory Council
Isabel Allende • Jennifer Buffett • Majora Carter • Sister Joan Chittister • Eve Ensler • Sally Field • Eileen Fisher • Jane Fonda • Pumla Gobodo-Madikizela • Ubaka Hill • Pat Mitchell • Hibaaq Osman • Edit Schlaffer • Gloria Steinem • Loung Ung • Ann M. Veneman


Thank You
We wish to express profound gratitude to the individuals, foundations, and corporations who have made significant contributions between January 1, 2012 and September 10, 2012 toward the Omega Women's Leadership Center.

Sarah Peter • Nurith Spector Shamis

Dr. Rita Freedman • Gary Krauthamer • Jacquelyn Mayfield, Mayfield Consulting, Ltd

Cathy Cramer • Patty Goodwin • Sheryl Lamb • Katherine Collins, Honeybee Capital • Jessica Lowrey • Ray Oberly • M. Trika Smith-Burke

Robert “Skip” Backus • Gail Straub and David Gershon, Empowerment Institute • Kathleen Hands • Elizabeth Lesser • Laura J. McWilliams • Renee Martin-Nagle

Hank and Phyllis Beinstein • Brett Cobb and Mike Cohen • Suzi Edwards, Henry Kimelman Family Foundation • Carla Goldstein and Nathaniel Charny • Jill Markowitz, Markowitz Consulting • Jamie O'Neil • Molly Peter • Joan Reynolds • Meryl Unger

Lisa Baskin • Brené Brown • Vicki L. Haak • Blynn Hamilton • George and Helen Kaufman • Leyla Khosrowshahi • Joel and Melanie Levitan • Kali Rosenblum and Kevin Smith

Barbara Aaron • Deborah Ashford, Hogan Lovellis LLP • Christine Becker, Woodstock Feldenkrais • Michele and Ricardo Bertran • Tracy A. Brown • Marian Cocose • Kate and Matthew Cruz • Molly Dyson • Viki L. Fox • Ronald J. Frank • Kayla Gluck • John Goodwin • Jan Hackman • Celinda Lake, Lake Research Partners • Kathleen Laucius • Karen O'Connell, MUTTS Studios, LLC • Wendy Owen • Nancy Rowe • Yvette Rudnitzky • Joanne Sandler • Alexis Schroeder • Sara and Ryan Trapani


We thank the following Foundations for
significant grant support of the OWLC:

We extend special thanks to OWLC Corporate Sponsors:


David Sember Construction• Interlake RV Park & Sales • Sugar Flower Cake Shop • Westchester Hudson Linen Supply Co., Inc. • Saskia, The Keynote Coach • Pine Hill Trailways • Artisan Wine Shop • Civil Liberties and Public Policy Program • Shakti Yoga of Woodstock • Winter Sun & Summer Moon


We are especially grateful for the OWLC's work with
the following Organizations: