Service Week FAQ

What is Omega Service Week?

Omega Service Week was created in 2005 and is now an annual event. The overall goal of Omega Service Week is to bring staff and/or board members out of their normal working environments so new ideas can be generated and participants can return to their demanding work feeling rejuvenated and re-inspired.

Each organization creates and leads its own retreat program, and has access to all Omega amenities as part of their retreat. Grantee organizations use Service Week to develop strategic plans for the future, cultivate relationships among their board members, re-engage with their mission statements, heal organizational rifts, deepen staff cooperation, and enjoy some much-needed peace and relaxation.

Who attends Service Week?

Our goal is to invite groups covering a broad range of social issues and to have representation from organizations working at the local, statewide, national, and global levels. Over the past ten years, we have welcomed more than 200 organizations that work to create a more compassionate and sustainable world.

What is available on campus during Service Week?

The Omega In Service grant includes: