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Daniel Mack "Working Rustic"

July 10, 2013

For more than 30 years, Daniel Mack has worked with natural materials as an artist, furniture maker, and architectural consultant. Today, he is widely known for his signature chairs crafted out of natural materials and personal artifacts, and his work appears in many private and museum collections.

The owner of Daniel Mack Rustic Furnishings, which provides rustic architectural services, Mack regularly teaches workshops on rustic work and creativity. He is author of the popular Making Rustic Furniture, as well as The Rustic Furniture Companion (edited by Deborah Morgenthau), Log Cabin Living, The Art of Rustic Furniture, Rustic Furniture Workshop, Simple Rustic Furniture, Rustic Garden Furniture & Accessories (with Thomas Stender), and the forthcoming The Wayward Artist.
Video Center - Creative Expression
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