Week 6 - Heart of Devotion Retreat


February 8–15, 2014

During Week 6 of Omega Costa Rica, choose one in-depth workshop to enjoy for the whole week. Experience an exhilarating week of chanting and devotional practice with Krishna Das (see below). Or, discover special qigong empowerments to activate and harmonize energy for healing with Robert Peng.

Heart of Devotion Retreat
Krishna Das
Enjoy this rare opportunity to study with the Grammy Award-nominated artist of best-selling chant CDs Pilgrim Heart and Heart as Wide as the World. In an intimate setting, explore the spiritual path with call-and-response chanting, stories about Krishna Das’ beloved guru, Sri Neem Karoli Baba, and discussions about life. Yoga asana classes and group chanting of Hanuman Chalisas are also offered. There is an additional $100 charge for this program.

While You’re Here

Add an optional cleanse to any week.

Healthy Vacation Cleanse
Shivanter Singh
You can also add this special healthy vacation cleanse to enhance your experience at Blue Spirit. Restore and rejuvenate yourself with an abundant array of delicious foods combined with detoxifying herbs, teas, and juices. Available during Weeks 1–6. There is an additional $200 charge for this program.

Also, Steven Michael Pague joins us this week to teach optional qigong classes and host evening events and community gatherings.