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Week 2


JANUARY 10–17, 2015

In Week 2 of Omega Costa Rica, you can unlock your erotic intelligence, practice rejuvenating yoga or qigong, or unleash your creative potential through ecstatic dance. You can also discover your place in the next stage of evolution, tap into your inner wisdom, or learn to let nature be your teacher and guide.

Explore the sample workshops in the morning and afternoon, stroll the three-mile-long sandy beach, and then relax and enjoy exciting evening activities offered at Blue Spirit. Or, leave the schedule behind and try an excursion.

Sample from any or all of the following workshops during Week 2.

Unlocking Erotic Intelligence
Esther Perel
Why does great sex so often fade for couples who claim to love each other as much as ever? Why does a good intimate connection not guarantee good sex? Guided by internationally renowned therapist and author Esther Perel, Unlocking Erotic Intelligence advances a bold new take on intimacy and sex. In a fun and safe environment, learn to release erotic blocks, become more open with your partner about your needs, and cultivate novelty, playfulness, and mystery—in and out of the bedroom. Rekindle intimacy, curiosity, and sensuality in your relationship. Couples and individuals of all sexual orientations are welcome.

A Cocreative World
Breaking Through to the Next Stage of Evolution
Barbara Marx Hubbard

The evolutionary impulse is arising in us now. We are facing a choice between devolution and destruction, or evolution and the cocreation of a new world. Each of us is seeded with an impulse to be more, do more, give more, and love more. If you feel within you the drive to step into the next stage of your own evolution, this will be a celebratory and empowering experience for you. Join this gathering to deepen your experience of the inner impulses of creation, and discover how to work toward the fulfillment of a cocreative world.

Nature of Mind, Mind of Nature
Daniel Rechtschaffen, MA, MFT

Amidst the beauty of the Pacific coast, learn to meditate naturally by being mindful of nature. With Daniel Rechtschaffen as your guide, you are invited to rediscover how to slow down and return your mind to its natural state using a variety of embodied awareness practices. As you navigate the inner forests of your mind, the surrounding ocean, trees, monkeys, and birds, will be your teachers.

Dawson Church, PhD

Tap into wisdom you never knew you had with a new technique called Eco-Meditation. As you train your body and emotions to tap into your core, you discover peace and tranquility, along with inspiration and answers from your higher self. Eco-Meditation incorporates techniques from mindfulness, HeartMath, neurofeedback, and EFT tapping. It does not require belief or any prior training, since it uses physical actions to quickly induce a deep meditative state.

Joyful, Blissful Yoga
Edgar Ortiz

Edgar Ortiz, president of the Costa Rican Yoga Association, guides us in a fun-filled practice of yoga that serves as a reminder of the divine. Drawing on the precise alignments of Iyengar Yoga and a joyful attitude inspired from the Anusara tradition, he challenges us to find, explore, and respect our limits in postures ranging from handstands to restorative poses. Through our practice, we come more fully into the present moment and find well-being and harmony inside and out.

5Rhythms® Body Talk
Amber Ryan

As human beings living in a conditional world, we tend to look outside ourselves for perfect love and acceptance, and we overlook what is already present in the core of our being and heart. Guided by spiritual counselor Annette Knopp, we learn through meditative inquiry and experiential exercises how to rediscover our natural wholeness, befriend ourselves, and use the challenges in our life as a doorway to come home to our true self.

Longevity & Beyond
Living Fully in This Moment

Stephan Rechtschaffen, MD
Each of us has a rhythm, a way of life that reveals who we are. In the 5Rhythms® practice created by Gabrielle Roth, we come together to celebrate all aspects of humanity and energetically move whatever is arising in our lives. We allow the rhythm of the beat to shatter our egos through ecstatic dance and we dissolve into the purity of our own soul. A simple yet profound moving meditation practice, the 5Rhythms are designed to bring out our creative potential and provide deep healing for the body, mind, and spirit. Join certified 5Rhythms teacher Amber Ryan to awaken your untapped potential.

Waterfall Qigong
Free Fall of the Laughing Stream
Steven Michael Pague
While practicing qigong—using a simple yet profound system of breathwork, mental focus, movement, and stillness—you learn to let go, allowing your life force to flow. Experience the laughing free fall of the mystery of qi (chi) to increase general health and strengthen immune function, while also enhancing intuition, creativity, sexual vitality, and more. Come away with a real sense of the promise of qi and a practical understanding of how to bring these restorative practices into daily life.