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Take real action on climate change for about the price of a tank of gas.

Omega Institute, in cooperation with San Francisco's Presidio School of Management, invites you to participate in LiveNeutral, a grassroots, nonprofit organization that gives everyone the power to stop climate change with easy-to-use programs designed to offset carbon emmissions. When you participate in LiveNeutral, you join a collaborative, worldwide effort committed to making a positive difference for the Earth today and for future generations.

Through LiveNeutral's DriveNeutral and FlyNeutral programs, you can help to reduce climate change right now by accounting for your travel carbon footprint. Both programs purchase and permanently retire carbon credits through the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX).

To calculate and cost-effectively offset your travel carbon emissions, visit LiveNeutral today. While you're there, you can also check out HomeNeutral to calculate and learn ways to reduce and offset your carbon footprint at home.

Thanks for all you do to help make a healthier environment for everyone.