Snatam Kaur KhalsaSnatam Kaur Khalsa learned to sing with her mother in the Sikh musical style. She has toured throughout the world offering concerts dedicated to peace for the past 12 years. Her popular CDs include Prem, Shanti, Grace, Anand, and Liberation’s Door.

Wah!Wah! has become a sensation in the yoga world with her spiritual, Eastern-tinged sound. She blends a seductive spiritual sound with a unique mix of pop, world music, reggae, and yogic traditions. Her many CDs include Love Holding Love, The Greatest Yoga Music Ever, Savasana, and Maa. After more than 10 years, Wah! has developed a large, dedicated following.

Donna De LoryDonna De Lory is a singer and songwriter whose music is a beautiful hybrid of English lyrics and devotional Sanskrit mantras set to modern melodies. A longtime accompanying vocalist for Madonna, Donna De Lory has also recorded with Selena and Carole King. Her newest release is The Unchanging.

C.C. WhiteC.C. White’s distinct "Soul Kirtan" performances have earned her wide recognition as “The Queen of Soul Kirtan,” embodied in one exotic, soulful being. White’s CD This IS Soul Kirtan! features a thrilling mixture of kirtan, soul, Southern blues, gospel, R&B, and more.

Nina RaoNina Rao is Krishna Das's assistant. She tours with him, playing cymbals and singing. In 2007, she recorded a track, "Nina Chalisa," on Krishna Das’ CD Flow of Grace: Chanting the Hanuman Chalisa. In 2013, she released her own double-CD Antarayaami, which includes a duet with Krishna

Gina SaláGina Salá is a vocalist, composer, teacher, and kirtan leader with a repertoire spanning 23 languages, and performance credits, include Cirque du Soleil, the United Nations, and more. With warmth, humor, and devotion, she offers Indian classical singing, sanskrit, stories, and tantric sound in classes, CDs, kirtans, and retreats.