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Mark Epstein & Joseph Goldstein in NYC

Rising From the Ashes

Divorce With Power & Clarity

Love & Intimacy

8th Annual What the Buddhists Teach Conference

Urban Youth Yoga & Mindfulness

Teaching Yoga & Mindfulness to High-Risk Youth

Upcoming Conferences

05/16/2014 to 05/18/2014
Bringing Mindful Yoga to Underserved Communities

Omega Institute and the Yoga Service Council are pleased to present the third annual Yoga Service Conference. The Yoga Service Council was formed at Omega in 2009 by a group of organizations bringing yoga to underserved populations.

06/20/2014 to 06/22/2014

Lyme disease is spreading worldwide in epidemic proportions.

06/27/2014 to 06/29/2014

Forgiveness—whether forgiving someone, asking forgiveness from others, or seeking to forgive ourselves—is a subtle, intricate, personal, and ultimately liberating journey.

07/04/2014 to 07/06/2014
Discover Your Next Great Adventure

There is no rule that says that when your children grow up and move out that your empty nest must lead to grief, sadness, and depression.

07/04/2014 to 07/06/2014
How it Can Enrich Your Life

The basic teachings and practices of Buddhism can enrich your life—even if you don’t think of yourself as a Buddhist.

07/04/2014 to 07/06/2014
Rising From the Ashes

Divorce, no matter how amicable, is never easy. The legal hurdles and the emotional turmoil can wreak havoc on our lives. The insomnia, angry outbursts, and bouts of grief can make us feel our world has been turned upside down.

07/18/2014 to 07/20/2014
Learning From the Past, Planning for the Future

The only constant in our lives is change, the ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus once observed.

07/18/2014 to 07/20/2014
What the Buddhists Teach

Loving and intimate relationships can be the most wonderful experiences of our lives, bringing us moments of happiness and a sense of meaning and purpose.

07/20/2014 to 07/25/2014
Teaching Yoga & Mindfulness to High-Risk Youth

The Holistic Life Foundation has more than a decade of experience teaching yoga and mindfulness to youth classified as “high-risk” or “hard-to-reach” in urban environments, and has developed a unique blend of yoga, mindfulness, tai chi, and other

07/25/2014 to 07/27/2014
Bringing Mindfulness Practice to Children Grades K–12

The practices of contemplative education, Social and Emotional Learning, and mindfulness are being widely explored in schools throughout the United States.

08/01/2014 to 08/03/2014
Moving Into the Fullest Expression of Your Sensuality

What do women want out of sex? What provokes us, what satisfies us, and how does this change over the years both in relationships and on our own?

08/08/2014 to 08/10/2014
Tapping Into the Mystery

Many have experienced how faith can heal. Now, more and more medical research from leading hospitals and universities is backing up this experience.

08/08/2014 to 08/10/2014
Writing From Life

Omega’s Memoir Festival brings together celebrated memoir writers to create the perfect place for both new and seasoned writers to experience the art of writing real stories from life.

08/15/2014 to 08/17/2014
Reawaken, Renew & Revive

We often find ourselves at a dead end. These situations are far from being a sign of failure, however. They are, in fact, necessary for our development.

08/22/2014 to 08/24/2014

Under the leadership of the Center for Contemplative Mind in Society, colleges and universities nationwide have integrated contemplative practices into a variety of their courses—from literature to physics to architecture.

08/24/2014 to 08/29/2014
From Science to Samadhi

Learning to breathe consciously and optimally is becoming our most powerful medicine for kinesthetic, emotional, cognitive, and spiritual well-being.

09/07/2014 to 09/12/2014
Become the Kind of Leader the World Needs Now

Whether guiding a family, working in an organization, running a business, or holding public office, leadership involves deciding what matters most.

09/07/2014 to 09/12/2014
Restore Your Resilience & Reconnect With Life

Life is full of joy, but it is often marred by feelings of anxiety, depression, and being overwhelmed by the many intricacies you deal with every day.

09/19/2014 to 09/21/2014
Women/Men: The Next Conversation

These are exciting, shifting, and confusing times for women and men—in our individual lives, our relationships, the roles we fill, and the expectations we encounter at home, work, and in the world every day.

09/21/2014 to 09/26/2014
Alchemy of Beloved Community

Take a step beyond women’s and men’s work. Experience the power of community healing and reclaim the right to live in mutual trust, joyous reverence, and spiritual communion.

10/03/2014 to 10/05/2014
Moving Beyond Space, Time & Words

Emerging scientific studies are revealing a universal consciousness—one mind and soul—that connects us all through space and time, offering a deeper understanding of what it means to be human and confirming what many ancient spiritual teachings sa

10/10/2014 to 10/12/2014
Women’s Leadership Lessons From the Living Earth

Women leading change in these dynamic times are tuning into new sources of inspiration—personally, socially, and globally.

10/10/2014 to 10/12/2014

Sit in powerful ceremonies. Experience energetic initiations. Usher in a new era.

10/17/2014 to 10/19/2014
Best Mind-Body Practices

For many years, Omega has supported individuals, veterans, and family members dealing with post-traumatic stress.

10/19/2014 to 10/24/2014
A Retreat for Military Women & Women Veterans

Military women and women veterans experience enormous challenges. Significant combat stress and trauma can cause anxiety, depression, homelessness, unemployment, and substance abuse.

10/23/2014 to 10/26/2014
Building the Collaborative Commons

In many ways the Commons are the foundation of our society. It represents the intersection of our social, environmental, and economic structures—all that we share and create together, from water to education.

10/24/2014 to 10/26/2014
Women’s Voices in the Public Square

Do you want to see a media climate that reflects your experience of the world? Build a career that is flexible and focused on creating change? Or, develop real skills in social media, online storytelling, and punditry?