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Divorce With Power & Clarity

Rising From the Ashes

July 04, 2014 – July 06, 2014
Rhinebeck, NY
J. Kim Wright, Jac Patrissi, Kim Pentecost, Ellen Kellner... See More
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SM14-2702-824J. Kim Wright, Jac Patrissi, Kim Pentecost, Ellen Kellner,

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Divorce, no matter how amicable, is never easy. The legal hurdles and the emotional turmoil can wreak havoc on our lives. The insomnia, angry outbursts, and bouts of grief can make us feel our world has been turned upside down.

This workshop—for women only—is designed to help guide us through divorce and its aftermath. If you are heading for a divorce, are in the process now, are recently divorced, or divorced years ago and still struggling with it, the team of experts leading this program—J. Kim Wright, Jac Patrissi, Kim Pentecost, and Ellen Kellner—can help. Together they offer a comprehensive approach to making divorce less tumultuous, and guide us to see it as an opportunity for healing, transformation, and empowerment.

Throughout the weekend we learn how to understand and navigate the legal system; how to energetically separate from our spouses and the negative patterns that have developed in the relationship; how to leave and heal from destructive relationships, how to best cope with co-parenting issues with a difficult ex-partner; how to develop divorce solutions that nurture our children; and how to create a new life that fits our values and most cherished commitments to ourselves and to others.


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J. Kim Wright

J. Kim Wright is a visionary lawyer, strategist, and independent scholar on a global tour to inspire transformation in law. She is the author of an ABA best-selling book, Lawyers as Peacemakers, Practicing Holistic, Problem-Solving Law.

Jac Patrissi

Jac Patrissi has 25 years of experience specializing in creative responses for survivors of destructive relationships. She is the author of Should I Stay or Should I Go? A Guide to Knowing if Your Relationship Can—and Should—Be Saved.

Kim Pentecost is an intuitive healer, spiritual teacher, and business coach. Her most recent project is as a series consultant to and intuitive healer in a Biography Channel television show, The uneXplained.

Ellen Kellner

Ellen Kellner is the author of The Pro-Child Way®: Parenting With An Ex. She guides parents who are looking for a conscientious method to divorced parenting and ways nurture their children’s spirit using her intuition, discernment, and experience.