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Forgiveness as a Journey of Liberation

June 27, 2014 – June 29, 2014
Rhinebeck, NY
Sharon Salzberg, Frederic Luskin, Jennifer Thompson, Ronald Cotton... See More
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SM14-2502-864Sharon Salzberg, Frederic Luskin, Jennifer Thompson, Ronald Cotton,

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Forgiveness—whether forgiving someone, asking forgiveness from others, or seeking to forgive ourselves—is a subtle, intricate, personal, and ultimately liberating journey.

Too often equated with complacency, forgiveness is one of life’s greatest challenges. Yet it offers immense rewards, bringing with it peace, happiness, and freedom.

In this workshop, we explore forgiveness as a quality aligned with the wisdom of impermanence, the science of happiness, and the greatest expression of compassion toward ourselves. Our guides on this journey are among the nation’s leading teachers in the field of forgiveness: Sharon Salzberg, Frederic Luskin, Jennifer Thompson, and Ronald Cotton.

They guide us in proven steps to forgiveness, including meditation, guided imagery, journal writing, and storytelling. We also learn how practicing forgiveness can improve our health by lowering blood pressure, decreasing the stress hormone cortisol, and relieving symptoms of depression.


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Sharon Salzberg is also part of the Women’s Leadership Intensive and Urban Youth Yoga & Mindfulness. Frederic Luskin is also teaching Rewire Your Brain to Alleviate Pain.

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Sharon Salzberg

Sharon Salzberg is cofounder of the Insight Meditation Society in Barre, Massachusetts. One of America’s leading meditation teachers and authors, she has been a student of Buddhism since 1971 and had guided meditation retreats worldwide since 1974. Her latest book is the New York Times best seller Real Happiness.

Frederic Luskin

Frederic Luskin, PhD, is director of the Stanford University Forgiveness Project, director of wellness education at Stanford University, and professor of clinical psychology at Sofia University. He is author of Stress Free for Good, Forgive for Good, and Forgive for Love.

Jennifer Thompson-Cannino

Jennifer Thompson is coauthor of the New York Times best-selling book Picking Cotton, which details how Thompson, after being brutally raped, inaccurately accused an innocent man, Ronald Cotton. After 11 years of false imprisonment, Cotton was releasedThompson reached out to him to apologize, and in an act of true generosity, he forgave her. They are close friends today. Thompson speaks frequently about judicial reform and is a member of the North Carolina Actual Innocence Commission, the advisory committee for Active Voices, and the Constitution Project. Her op-ed essays have appeared in the New York Times, the Durham-Herald Sun, and the Tallahassee

Ronald Cotton

Ronald Cotton is coauthor of the New York Times best-selling book Picking Cotton, which details how his life was turned upside down in 1984 when he was falsely accused of raping Jennifer Thompson. Released after 11 years in prison as an innocent man, Thompson reached out to Cotton to apologize, and in an act of true generosity, he forgave her. Their unlikely friendship and bond became the basis of Picking Cotton. He speaks regularly about justcie and forgiveness.