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About Pranotthan Yoga

Pranotthan Yoga

The Pranotthan Yoga Teacher Training, led by Devarshi Steven Hartman, Jovinna Chan, Grace Jull, and the Pranotthan School of Yoga Faculty, includes some of the most experienced yoga teacher trainers in the country. With the support of this team of highly experienced yogis, who have trained thousands of yoga teachers, you awaken yoga inside you (pranotthan) by immersing yourself in a two-part, four-month yoga journey that is infused with the ancient yogic practices that create an authentic life—the ultimate result of yoga.

Our senior teachers have not only trained thousands and been teaching and practicing yoga for many decades, but they also have been on the leading edge of yoga’s evolution in America. Although the name Pranotthan is new, the teacher trainers have been dedicated to a lifetime of learning and practice.

Pranotthan Yoga is compatible with all other styles and traditions of yoga. It teaches you the foundations of all yoga and allows you to find the style and teaching that best suits you, helping you become the best teacher you can be. There are students for every teacher, every age, every limitation.  Pranotthan teachers are taught to teach yoga for everybody, and every body. This teacher training is open to yogis from any yogic tradition who are seeking an in-depth, transformative yoga teacher certification program.