Pranotthan Yoga Teacher Training—Curriculum | Omega

Pranotthan Curriculum

Throughout this Yoga Alliance-certified 200-hour Pranotthan Yoga Teacher Training, we explore a varied curriculum, which includes:

Teaching Techniques and Methodologies

  • Explore 26 classical yoga postures with basic benefits, contraindications, props, alignment principles, and posture options
  • Learn to teach yoga from the anatomical principles of the six major movements of the spine
  • Learn basic muscular-skeletal principles of alignment
  • Learn techniques to create dynamic core power and stabilization, promoting health, and longevity of the spine
  • Learn the gradient approach to teaching asana and how to adapt and modify postures to create ease in all body types, thus appealing to a wider range of students
  • Become aware of common compensatory misalignments and the theory of the kinetic chain to observe the body as a whole unit
  • Use the eight anatomical landmarks cues for leading postures clearly and effectively building poses from the ground up
  • Incorporate the Koshas—the five layers of the human cosmology and yoga anatomy (physical, energy/breath, mind/emotions, witness, and bliss)—as a map for the multidimensional approach to teaching and practicing yoga
  • Learn the six major pranayama (breathing) techniques and how to use them to balance and energize the prana body (lifeforce) and how to incorporate them into your asana practice and teaching
  • Learn the simple foundations of practicing and guiding meditation and concentration exercises for training the attention and increasing awareness on and off the mat 
  • Establish (or deepen) an ongoing meditation practice
  • Gain clarity about the power and purpose of yoga practice; its origins and philosophy, complexity, and simplicity
  • Learn how to structure a yoga class using the Eight Elements to create a comprehensive class experience
  • Find creative sequencing and class designs that express your authentic self
  • Learn to teach relaxation techniques and guide yoga nidra and sivasana
  • Discover original and fun ways to “stoke the fire” (create agni) and warm up the body for asana practice
  • Learn the sacred art of assisting and adjustments
  • Utilize your authentic voice and presence to become an inspiring leader, educator, and guide
  • Learn the business of yoga, including marketing and right-livelihood support
  • Many informal practice teaching opportunities, as well as three formal Practice Teach Sessions to demonstrate material

Scriptures, Ethics, Philosophy, and Life Practice

  • Experience yoga as a path of self-discovery and transformation
  • Integrate holistic lifestyle tools
  • Learn and practice conscious communication skills
  • Explore yogic scripture through experiential lectures on:
  • The Bhagavad Gita
  • Pantanjali’s Yoga Sutras
  • Pantanjali’s 8-Limbs of Yoga (emphasizing the Yamas and Niyamas)

Anatomical and Physiological Study

  • Learn embodied yoga anatomy
  • Understand the basic physiology of the organ systems
  • Deepen your understanding via the latest science and research on yoga
  • Be inspired to continually learn