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What to Bring

Jivamukti Yoga® Teacher Training—What to Bring

The following is a list of items you will need to bring with you to the Jivamukti Yoga Teacher Training.

Books you must bring to the training course with you:
Jivamukti Yoga by Sharon Gannon and David Life
Yoga Assists by Sharon Gannon and David Life

Personal items to bring to the training course with you:
Yoga mat
Firm prop blanket
Block (cork or wooden is best)
Belt (6–8 feet)
2 Cloth napkins or face towels (to be used in place of napkins at meals or after washing hands)
Oil-free massage lotion (no massage oil please)
Notebook, pens, pencils
Any special medications/treatments you may need
Sweater and/or jacket
Casual clothes
White clothing (to wear during evening satsang)
Yoga practice clothes
Several footwear options
Eye bag/eye pillow for shavasana (optional)
Eye mask for sleeping (optional)
Bathing suit (optional)
Camera (optional; no flash permitted)
Laptop computer (optional)
Umbrella (optional)

Note: Recording of lectures and other sessions is not permitted, so please do not bring a voice recorder. If you do bring one for your personal use, please do not bring it into the course sessions.