Dana Flynn

Dana Flynn

Dana Flynn, cofounder and codirector of Laughing Lotus Yoga Center and School in New York City and San Francisco, has been teaching yoga for 20 timeless years. She is celebrated for her fiercely creative, poetic sequencing and her intense passion for music is expressed through ecstatic flowing movement. She lives to playfully share what she loves with the curiosity of an eternal student. Flynn approaches her life and yoga practice with fresh insight, exploring movement as medicine, romance of the breath, and freedom of the soul as a mind-blowing, heart-expanding daily blessing.

What People are Saying About Dana Flynn

“Dana Flynn has a yogic spirit that is enormously infectious. She is helping to bring the play, fun, and laughter back to a tradition in which it is all too easy to take oneself too seriously. She also has knowledge that can help us all align a little deeper with love.”
—Rodney Yee, author of Moving Toward Balance

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