Ethan Roland Solaviev

Ethan Roland

Ethan Roland Solaviev is an international expert on edible landscaping, permaculture, and homesteading based in the Hudson River Valley of New York. His firm, AppleSeed Permaculture, has designed more than 2000 acres of permaculture landscapes, and manages a multistate installation team each year.

Ethan has taught sustainability at the University of Connecticut, Boston University, the Omega Institute, and hundreds of other venues in over 25 countries around the world. Author of a book on permaculture business, Regenerative Enterprise, he holds an Master of Science degree in Eco-Social Design from Gaia University, and sits on the board of the Apios Institute for Regenerative Perennial Agriculture.

Ethan Roland Solaviev will join the Omega team as the lead teacher in Omega's 2014 Ecological Literacy Immersion Program (ELIP).

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