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Kim Pentecost

Kim Pentecost is an intuitive healer, spiritual teacher, and business coach. She is devoted to healing, education, and empowerment of individuals, businesses, and organizations so they can become more creative, productive, and successful.

With her down-to-earth approach, she weaves insight, new understanding, growth, and healing with empowerment and practical techniques to help people align with their own unique purpose.

A graduate of the clairvoyant seminary of the Church of Natural Grace in San Francisco in 1987, Pentecost has been a columnist for a regional Colorado publication and presents at conferences worldwide on empowerment and spirituality. She has been interviewed on television and radio throughout the United States.

Her first CD is a guided meditation, In-Body Meditation: Foundational Meditations for Everyday Life. Her most recent project is as a series consultant to and intuitive healer in a Biography Channel television show, The uneXplained. 

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