Sondra Ray

Sondra Ray is the founder of Liberation Breathing®, creator of the Loving Relationships Training®, and author of 20 books on spirituality and healing. As a dynamic and renowned spiritual leader whose expertise in relationships has inspired countless people, Sondra Ray turns miracle consciousness into daily reality for students across the world.

Through international teaching tours and a private healing practice, Sondra introduces her most profound and transformative techniques: Liberation Breathing® and wet Liberation Breathing® in thermal waters. Based on the sound principles of the Rebirthing Movement, Liberation Breathing® is a form of conscious, connected breathwork that charges the body with life force while honoring the divinity in all. Considered a gift from the Divine Mother, the breath cycle coupled with affirmations and prayer produce healing on a physical, mental, and spiritual level. With her husband Markus Ray, Sondra takes students on quests to sacred sites in India, Bali, Iceland, Hawaii, and other power vortices around the world to learn Liberation Breathing® and her most advanced curricula.

As a nurse practitioner in the area of obstetrics and gynecology, Sondra Ray developed deep insights into  birth-related trauma and prenatal psychology. These insights, coupled with data from thousands of breathwork case studies, launched her into international acclaim in the early 1970’s as the cofounder of the Rebirthing Movement with Leonard Orr. By the late 1970’s, she became one of the first to lecture on A Course in Miracles and transform its scriptural lessons into tools for healing.


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