Omega Theme Weeks

Omega Teen Camp is about fun, connection, self-awareness, and self-expression! Here, teens ages 13–17 have the freedom to choose from more than 50 activities each day. Teens from all walks of life come together to try new things, learn cool stuff, and create memories.

Omega Family Retreats

August 3-8

Omega Family Week delivers something rare—time for families to be together in an engaging way with enough variety to satisfy each member. The week offers a unique balance of time together and time apart so that everyone can have fun, learn, explore, and make new friends. We invite veteran Family Weekers back to continue in the creation of an extended family, and welcome new families to join us.

Omega Retreat Week

July 13-18

For Omega Retreat Week, we bring together a group of extraordinary teachers from many traditions to add breadth and depth to our spiritual journey. Among these retreats, you will find a number of possible paths to the divine, ranging from inward contemplation to outward spiritual celebration, all equally sacred. Please note that some meals in the dining hall will be held in restful silence.