Berkshire Farm Center

Berkshire Farm Center and Services for Youth is one of New York State’s leading nonprofit child welfare agencies with a distinguished history of working with children and families for 125 years. Helping children and families become healthier and stronger has been at the heart of Berkshire’s mission since its founding in 1886. They continue to deepen their focus on serving children where they heal and grow best—with their families in their home communities.

The mission of Berkshire Farm Center & Services for Youth is to strengthen children and families so they can live safely, independently, and productively within their home communities.

Each day, Berkshire Farm Center serves more than 3,000 children throughout New York State, helping to change the lives of children and create a better future for them. By forming strong community partnerships and collaborating with other service agencies and educational organizations, they empower children and families while building healthier and stronger communities.

In addition to community-based programs, Berkshire’s Residential Treatment Center (RTC), located on a 2,000 acre campus amid the beautiful Berkshire Mountains, provides specialized services to adolescent boys and their families, including an accredited curriculum in an onsite junior/senior high school. Berkshire RTC creates a caring, structured, and stable environment that provides adolescent boys and their families with an opportunity to learn how to lead healthy, productive lives together.

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For Arts Week at Omega, all artwork created during the afternoon collaborations will be donated through the Berkshire Farm Center to beautify and brighten the lives of foster children and teens in need. There are many different ways the children will benefit from this generosity. Some of the projects and gifts will go to teen boys who live at the Residential Treatment Center in Canaan, New York; others go to teen girls at the Group Home in Ancram, New York, or to foster children in the Berkshire Farm program, from infants to 18 year olds. In addition to adorning the cottages and classroom spaces, artwork will be used in gift baskets for children's birthdays, graduations, and other celebrations. Put the heart back in art—and create a whole new inspirational experience for everyone.