Health & Safety

Omega Teen Camp currently hosts more than 350 teenagers and 60 staff members each summer, who work to make OTC the warm, accepting, and empowering community it is known to be. Along with the 50 activities we offer each summer, the beautiful facilities, and the many opportunities to make friends and gain new life skills, we also provide a solid foundation of a "happy home away from home" to help teens navigate the complex process of coming of age.


The food at OTC is very different than typical camp food. Our cooks prepare most everything from scratch. We purchase most of our food from local vendors, and we use organic ingredients when available. We serve some meat, but always provide great vegetarian options at every meal. Meals are served buffet style and everyone can eat as much as they want. There is always a great salad bar and plenty of fresh fruit available.


Most campers live in very nice cedar log cabins. There are usually eight teenagers and two counselors per cabin. All campers are housed by gender and age. Some of the older campers live in houses, but in all cases teenagers are supervised throughout the night.


We have a registered nurse on premises at camp at all times, 24/7, as well as a fully stocked infirmary, where we can dispense any prescribed medications. We are a short drive to a physician or hospital if needed.


While our camp has a "free" feeling, we also have very clear rules and boundaries, and safety is always our top priority. Our goal is to make certain that everyone at camp feels safe both physically and emotionally.