Staff FAQ

  • Q. What's the Omega Teen Camp staff like?

    A. Our staff consists of about 60 wonderful people who all share the goal of having a great time while creating a joyful, nonjudgmental, loving community where teenagers can really thrive. You must be at least 20 years old to work at our summer camp program and most of the counselors range in age from 20 to 35.

  • Q. What's the living situation like?

    A. The majority of counselors sleep in cedar log cabins with four to eight teenagers. Bathrooms are located outside of the cabins. Most cabins have only one counselor, but a few of the girl's cabins will have three counselors. Other counselors stay in bunk houses and counselors for our oldest boys stay in platform tents. The kitchen staff, nurses, lifeguards, and administrative staff live in houses by the lake and do not get to experience the wonders of sharing a room with teenagers.

  • Q. What's a typical work schedule like at Omega's summer camp?

    A. As a counselor, you will generally be leading or assisting two or three activities each day. You will have at least one activity period off per day. You are also off three nights each week, from 6:30 p.m.–9:30 p.m., and one 24-hour period each week, either Friday night to Saturday night, or Saturday night to Sunday night.

    The days at Omega's summer camp program are long and filled with all the trials and tribulations that come with running a summer camp for 300 teenagers.

  • Q. What's the facility like? How do I get there?

    A. We rent our summer camp facility, Camp Kaufmann, from the Girl Scouts. It is on 450 beautiful acres with cedar log cabins, a large pool for swimming, and a boating lake. We don't have lots of great indoor space, but we put up tents to accommodate different activities. The camp is very spread out, so we don't go back to the cabins much throughout the day.

    Omega Teen Camp is located 90 minutes north of New York City. Staff can fly into LaGuardia Airport, where we have a shuttle to bring you to camp. It's also easy to get to camp by train from New York City. See Omega Teen Camp Directions.

  • Q. What's the food like?

    A. Food at Omega's summer camp is better than you might expect from food at a typical summer camp program. Our cooks make everything from scratch and we try to use as many organic and local ingredients as we can. We serve some meat, but lean heavily toward vegetarian cuisine. Because of our limited kitchen space, we do not allow counselors to cook their own food (or prepare raw foods in the kitchen). We expect counselors to be flexible and eat the food that is served to our campers.

    Working as a cook at Omega Teen Camp is a lot of fun, and we are always looking for people who want to cook.

  • Q. What qualities and skills are you looking for in a summer camp counselor?

    A. We are looking for counselors (21 years old or older) who are mature and use good judgment. It's also important that your priority at camp is to create the best experience you can for our teen campers. So while you'll probably make friends and have all sorts of unique experiences, it's important that the campers' experience is your number one priority. You do not necessarily need to have experience working with teenagers to be hired or to be a great counselor at Omega's summer camp program; you do need to really want to help teenagers to live happier lives.

    As far as skills go, we build most of our classes around the skills and passions of the counselors. We love to have staff that can lead art, dance, nature, yoga, and music classes at our summer camp program, but we also like to offer classes in whatever unique field a counselor has a particular expertise.

  • Q. When do you start hiring summer camp counselors and how do you decide?

    A. The director, Adam Simon, does the hiring for Omega's summer camp program and he begins reviewing applications as soon as they are received. Whenever possible, we like to meet counselors in person for an interview.

  • Q.What is the compensation for an average counselor at Omega Teen Camp?

    A. The average counselor compensation includes room, board, and $1,200 for the five weeks of Omega Teen Camp plus one week of orientation, for a total of six weeks. In 2014, staff orientation will begin on Sunday, July 6 and Omega Teen Camp will run from July 13 through August 16.

    If you have further questions, please feel free to call Adam at 845.266.4444, ext. 387, or email him at