Parent FAQ

  • Q. What is Omega Teen Camp all about? What makes Omega Teen Camp unique?

    A. Our entire summer camp program is geared exclusively toward teenagers ages 13-17 and includes more than 50 activities. While we offer many traditional programs like sports, arts, dance, music, and nature activities, we also offer meditation, martial arts, and daily yoga classes. The strength of our summer camp program is its ability to create a safe, loving, nonjudgmental environment where teens can make deep connections with themselves and others. We try to honor each individual and create a space where teens can really thrive.

  • Q. How many kids come to summer camp and how long do they stay? What is the average age of a camper?

    A. We average about 190 teenagers per session at our summer camp program and while most campers come for two weeks, about 25 percent stay for four or five weeks. Our campers are an even mix of 13–17 year olds.

  • Q. How many new campers are there each summer? Do they come with friends?

    A. About 70 percent of our campers will be coming to Omega's summer camp program for the first time. For many, this will be their first stay at an overnight camp. The majority of teenagers come alone. While they all worry and wonder whether they will make friends, they always do.

  • Q. What kinds of kids come to summer camp?

    A. It is difficult to classify a typical Omega Teen camper. We think we are the perfect summer camp for any sensitive, creative thinking teenager who is looking to have a great time while exploring new things in a safe and loving community. Teens who might not think of themselves as "camp kids" often love our camp.

    Traditionally, girls make up 65 percent of the population at our summer camp program. We don't know exactly why that is, but it has been that way since we first started Omega Teen Camp in 2001, and somehow it works out just fine.

  • Q. Where do most of the campers come from?

    A. About 80 percent of our campers come from the Northeast, and the other 20 percent fly in from around the country and around the world.

  • Q. What is the summer camp facility like?

    A. Our camp is located on 450 beautiful country acres just 90 minutes north of New York City. The facility has cedar log cabins, a large swimming pool with diving board, a lake for boating, a 50-foot climbing wall, high ropes course, and many other great features. There is an open house each May for anyone who wants to see the facility.

    While attending our summer camp program, all teens stay in cabins with four to eight other campers. There is always at least one adult counselor supervising the cabin at night.

  • Q. What are the most popular activities at Omega Teen Camp?

    A. We love to dance at summer camp and hip hop, African, and belly dancing classes are always popular. We also love Thai massage, Ultimate Frisbee, spa day, fitness classes, photography, yoga, poetry writing, guitar lessons, henna tattooing, open mic, jewelry making, and art studio.

  • Q: What is a typical day at camp like?

    A: Our days are very full, with a good mix of fun activities and relaxation. After dinner, we have community chill time, which is the favorite part of the day for many campers. Everyone hangs out, plays games, does art, plays music, and connects with one another. After community chill time, we have an evening activity like a talent show, dance, movie, or scavenger hunt. On most nights, we offer two options for evening activities. Check out a sample day here.

  • Q: How do you select your activities?

    A: We offer four activity periods each day. Two of the activity periods change daily and campers sign up for these the day before, during afternoon rest hour. The other two activity periods take place from Monday to Friday and are called "intensives." Campers sign up for their intensives on Monday mornings.

  • Q: What is it like in the cabins?

    A: Our cabins are very nice and we usually have eight teenagers and two counselors staying in each cabin. Teenagers are housed by age and gender.

  • Q: What is the staff like?

    A: We have about 45 counselors at camp. They are a wonderful mix of artists, athletes, yogis, musicians, comics, and intelligent nerds. They all have at least one year of college, and most have graduated college, or are getting ready to. They all come to camp because they want to help teenagers have fun, try new things, discover who they are, and figure out what they want out of life.

  • Q: How can you keep 330 teenagers safe at camp?

    A: While our camp has a very "free" feel, we also have clear rules about what is okay and what is not, and we take these rules seriously. We also have clear boundaries and close supervision at all times.

  • Q. How about health care and medical facilities?

    A. We have a registered nurse on our summer camp staff full time and we also have a fully equipped infirmary. Our physician’s office is less than 10 minutes from camp and we are just a 15 minute drive from the hospital in Carmel, New York.

  • Q. How does my teen get to and from Omega Teen Camp?

    A. Most of our campers live within driving distance and parents generally drive them to camp. Many other teens fly to our summer camp from around the country and we are happy to arrange airport and train transportation for a nominal fee.

  • Q. What is the camp food like?

    A. Food at Omega's summer camp program is far from your usual summer camp fare. Our chefs specialize in healthy vegetarian cuisine. Each meal includes many different choices and selections. There are always great vegetarian dishes, superb salads, and occasionally organic, free-range beef and chicken. All meals are made from scratch using as many organic and local ingredients as possible. Meals are served buffet style so campers can take as much as they want, as often as they want.

  • Q. How do campers communicate with friends and family?

    A. At our summer camp program, we take a rest from constant digital connection and focus on connecting face-to-face. Therefore, we do not allow cell phones and try to limit other phone usage as much as possible. During the second week of each session, campers can call home to give family members a report on their camp experience. (We ask that international students bring a calling card.) Please support our no cell phone policy by making sure your teen leaves their phone at home.

    We also encourage letter writing. Family and friends can send letters to:
    Omega Teen Camp
    115 Camp Road
    Holmes, NY 12531

  • Q. Can I send my child care packages?

    A. Yes, you can send your teen care packages. However, to help us avoid attracting mice and insects in camper cabins, please do not send food or candy. If you send food, we will remove it from the package and dispose of it.

  • Q. How do I get my child to want to attend camp?

    A. You think the camp is a great fit for your teen, but they are reluctant to attend. This is a common scenario. The reality is that most teenagers coming to our summer camp program for the first time have plenty of trepidation and mixed emotions. It takes courage to leave home and go to a place where you don't know anyone. Yet once at camp, most teens think Omega Teen Camp is the greatest place they have ever been.

    The best suggestion we have for getting your teenager excited about summer camp is to have them view the Omega Teen Camp Video. They can also check us out on Facebook. They will be able to read lots of comments and maybe even contact other teens who have been to camp to find out "what's it's really like."

  • Q. Who does Omega Teen Camp not work well for?

    A. Omega Teen Camp is not a “special needs camp.” We do not have the staff or resources to support teens with life circumstances that require one-on-one supervision. Teens with major emotional challenges, addiction issues, or severe behavioral problems do not do well at our camp. If you have any questions or concerns about how your teen will do at Omega Teen Camp, please contact Omega Registration at 877.944.2002.

  • Q. How do you deal with homesickness? What if my teen doesn't like camp?

    A. Coming to summer camp for the first time is a big adjustment for many teenagers. Sometimes it takes a few days or even a week for teens to settle into the experience and begin having a good time. You can help your teen by reassuring them once in a phone call that they are in a safe place, and then allow them to conquer feelings of homesickness on their own. Daily phone calls only make it harder for teens to get over missing home.

    Teenagers change their minds and moods very often. Over the course of their time at our summer camp, practically every camper will have their ups and downs, but in the end, most teens feel that Omega Teen Camp was an incredible experience!

  • Q. Do you offer financial assistance?

    A. Omega is committed to helping people with limited finances attend its programs. Eligibility for financial assistance is primarily determined by your family’s gross annual income. If you would like to apply for financial assistance, please complete and return the Financial Assistance Application as soon as possible.