What Parents Are Saying About Omega Teen Camp

"My daughter attended teen summer camp at Omega for the first time this year. We have to commend the staff for her remarkable camp experience. Not only did she love it, she cannot stop talking about the positive, healing moments that made it a wonderful experience. She has a new peace within her, which is felt by all her family members."

"I picked up my son yesterday and we had a wonderful opportunity to talk on the drive home. He told me about his experience at Omega Teen Camp and how magical it was. He felt so accepted at camp by the counselors, the nurses, and everyone there! He made amazing friends, too! Friends that care and that he feels he can be real with. They are chatting on Facebook about their experience today."

"I want to thank you for my daughter’s amazing experience at Omega Teen Camp, and let you know how she’s doing now. Although 8th grade and extracurricular activities are keeping her busy, she’s better able to handle other teens’ perceptions of her unique personality because she’s more accepting of herself. Thank you for making teen summer camp at Omega a reality."

"I want to tell you how happy we are about our son’s experience at Omega Teen Camp. He was nervous that teen summer camp at Omega would be similar to a different camp he attended previously, where other campers made him feel very out of place. Instead, his experience at Omega Teen Camp was incredible. After a few days of adjustment, he found he could totally be himself, express himself, and try new things with no fear of being made fun of. We were thrilled when he wrote to tell us that he had read some of his poetry at the talent show. When we picked him up from camp, we were overjoyed to see how many friends he had made and how comfortable he was hugging them good-bye. We hope the confidence he gained in those four weeks will carry him through his first year in high school as he meets new kids and teachers and finds his place."

"Thank you to Omega Teen Camp for providing a life-altering experience for my daughter. Although unsure about teen summer camp at Omega at first, she returned with new wisdom and deep friendships. Her sense of confidence and self-love was profound, and it’s still with her! She wants to return next summer, and one day become a counselor."

More Omega Teen Camp testimonials and references are available upon request. Please contact Omega Registration at 877.944.2002.