Tiered Pricing


At Omega we believe that the benefits of a holistic education should be available to everyone and that our learning community is enriched by a diversity of participants. We also recognize that what is affordable for some will not be for all. We offer Tiered Pricing* on select programs to help meet the varying financial needs of our community.

For programs that offer Tiered Pricing, choose the price that is appropriate for you. We work on an honor system. Tier 1 Friends includes the price of your workshop plus annual membership privileges. Tier 1 reflects the price of your workshop. Tier 2 and Tier 3 are subsidized by Omega.

Tier 1 Friends
This level reflects the price of your workshop plus a tax-deductible donation of $75 to support Omega and our mission. Choosing this price includes membership in Friends of Omega and membership privileges throughout the year.

Tier 1
This level reflects the price of your workshop and helps Omega continue to retain world-class teachers and sustain classroom facilities.

Tier 2
This level reflects a partial subsidy toward the price of your workshop and is intended for those with temporary or minor financial need.

Tier 3
This level reflects our fully subsidized price for those in need of deeper financial assistance.

*Tiered Pricing is subject to change and cannot be combined with other discounts.

EXAMPLE: When you register, if you wish to choose the Tier 2 price, check the option on the first step of the registration process as indicated below.

Eligible Programs

Developing a Calm & Clear Mind
05/02/2014 to 05/04/2014

Insight Meditation, also known as Vipassana Meditation, is a simple technique that originated in the Buddha’s teachings more than 2,500 years ago.

7-Day Weeklong Retreat
05/09/2014 to 05/16/2014

Are you living your life on autopilot and need help to push that reset button?

2-Day Weekend Retreat
05/09/2014 to 05/11/2014

Are you living your life on autopilot and need help to push that reset button?

How Empathy Can Heal, Inspire & Create Breakthroughs
05/23/2014 to 05/26/2014

There is nothing like that “aha” moment when we suddenly understand someone else’s perspective. In fact, it is the crucial first step in cultivating empathy, an essential leadership tool that is more important than ever in today’s world.

The Western Wind
05/23/2014 to 05/26/2014

Ensemble Singing presents an exhilarating opportunity to work with one of the most celebrated vocal ensembles in the country.

Yoga for People of All Shapes & Sizes
05/30/2014 to 06/01/2014

Love and nurture your body, starting right where you are.

Jump-Start Your Memoir
06/01/2014 to 06/06/2014

Dive into writing and discover your own rhythms, use your own language, and tell your own story, whether you are just keeping a journal or have a memoir in mind.

06/01/2014 to 06/08/2014

Do you want to experience vibrant health and robust vitality? This Spring Cleanse & Cooking Intensive offers you the opportunity to kick old habits and jump-start your life, all while having fun.

06/13/2014 to 06/15/2014

Join Richard Blanco, the celebrated poet at President Obama’s inaugural ceremony, for a weekend devoted to the spirit and craft of poetry.

Identify, Draw, Harvest & Prepare Wild Edible Plants
06/13/2014 to 06/15/2014

When you pay close attention to nature, you find artistic and culinary possibilities right in your backyard.