Tiered Pricing


At Omega we believe that the benefits of a holistic education should be available to everyone and that our learning community is enriched by a diversity of participants. We also recognize that what is affordable for some will not be for all. We offer Tiered Pricing* on select programs to help meet the varying financial needs of our community.

For programs that offer Tiered Pricing, choose the price that is appropriate for you. We work on an honor system. Tier 1 Friends includes the price of your workshop plus annual membership privileges. Tier 1 reflects the price of your workshop. Tier 2 and Tier 3 are subsidized by Omega.

Tier 1 Friends
This level reflects the price of your workshop plus a tax-deductible donation of $75 to support Omega and our mission. Choosing this price includes membership in Friends of Omega and membership privileges throughout the year.

Tier 1
This level reflects the price of your workshop and helps Omega continue to retain world-class teachers and sustain classroom facilities.

Tier 2
This level reflects a partial subsidy toward the price of your workshop and is intended for those with temporary or minor financial need.

Tier 3
This level reflects our fully subsidized price for those in need of deeper financial assistance.

*Tiered Pricing is subject to change and cannot be combined with other discounts.

EXAMPLE: When you register, if you wish to choose the Tier 2 price, check the option on the first step of the registration process as indicated below.

Eligible Programs

08/08/2014 to 08/10/2014

In this follow-up, advanced workshop for young adults, intrepid adventurers can take the Wayfinder Experience one step further and learn powerful strategies to be heart-centered warriors, healers, and magic users in everyday life.

Tapping Into the Mystery
08/08/2014 to 08/10/2014

Many have experienced how faith can heal. Now, more and more medical research from leading hospitals and universities is backing up this experience.

Writing From Life
08/08/2014 to 08/10/2014

Omega’s Memoir Festival brings together celebrated memoir writers to create the perfect place for both new and seasoned writers to experience the art of writing real stories from life.

08/15/2014 to 08/17/2014

During this restorative yoga retreat weekend, we relax and de-stress in a fully supported environment.

The Path of Wise Speech
08/17/2014 to 08/22/2014

This workshop has been cancelled.

A Leadership Essential
08/22/2014 to 08/24/2014

Financial acumen—the comfort and dexterity with the role that money plays in our personal and professional lives—is a key leadership skill. Yet most of us receive little formal education to develop this essential strength.

Become the Kind of Leader the World Needs Now
09/07/2014 to 09/12/2014

Whether guiding a family, working in an organization, running a business, or holding public office, leadership involves deciding what matters most.

Women/Men: The Next Conversation
09/19/2014 to 09/21/2014

These are exciting, shifting, and confusing times for women and men—in our individual lives, our relationships, the roles we fill, and the expectations we encounter at home, work, and in the world every day.

Learning to Live Well With the Earth
09/21/2014 to 09/26/2014

The health of our body, mind, and spirit is directly connected to the health of our landscapes.

Alchemy of Beloved Community
09/21/2014 to 09/26/2014

Take a step beyond women’s and men’s work. Experience the power of community healing and reclaim the right to live in mutual trust, joyous reverence, and spiritual communion.