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Yoga Service Conference
The Heart-Practice of Mindful Yoga

May 14–17
Course 1203-265

Tuition: Tiered Pricing - Friend: $420  Tier 1: $345  Tier 2: $270  Tier 3: $195

yoga service [noun]: the act of sharing yoga practices (e.g., movement, breathwork, meditation) with individuals and communities who have limited access to these teachings

What can yoga classes do for veterans or survivors of trauma and domestic violence? What are the best ways to bring mindfulness to at-risk youth or the elderly? How do you serve these and other unique communities, skillfully and with compassion, while still caring for yourself?

You do not need to be a yoga teacher, or even have stepped onto a yoga mat to provide yoga service. Social workers and health-care providers, school teachers and counselors, yoga and mindfulness teachers, and others will find the resources, tools, inspiration, and community support they need to improve the lives of others through yoga.

In this fourth annual Yoga Service Conference, presented by the Yoga Service Council and Omega Institute, everyone’s voice is valued, hard questions are explored, and a shared commitment to authentic service inspires a growing sense of optimism, healing, and connection.

Throughout the weekend, you choose from breakout classes designed for yoga teachers, social service providers, and leaders of nonprofit organizations. Optional roundtable discussions invite you to connect with those working with similar populations. You can also sign up for mentoring sessions with Yoga Service Council advisory board members. On Saturday evening, a Yoga Service Exhibition brings together founders and leaders of service organizations from across the country to share their groundbreaking work.

Together, through inspired lectures, panel discussions, and breakout sessions, we:

  • Explore how yoga and mindfulness practices can radically improve the lives of individuals and communities
  • Learn about the neurological, emotional, and physical effects of trauma and yoga
  • Address issues of diversity, social justice, inclusion, and safety
  • Discover ways to cultivate compassion and capacity for meaningful relationship
  • Gather concrete tools to integrate directly into your work
  • Examine the benefits and challenges of introducing yoga and mindfulness practices to a variety of communities

Along the way, there are opportunities for your own compassionate self-care with daily yoga and meditation, all while enjoying the natural beauty of Omega’s campus. You return home with a renewed sense of purpose and passion, expanded networking and community skills, and the heartfelt inspiration you need to continue making a difference in the world.

This program begins Thursday at 8:00 p.m. and ends Sunday at noon. For Saturday morning and afternoon sessions, you choose from a variety of workshops that range from teaching techniques for specific populations to putting together a research plan for your work to organization management.

Please bring a yoga mat, blanket, meditation cushion, and any other yoga props you may need. A limited number of props and mats will be available in various classrooms, but please bring your own. A limited number of yoga mats and props also will be available on-site and will be for sale at the Omega Store.

Teachers, Presenters & Mentors

Rolf Gates
David Emerson
Sat Bir Singh Khalsa
Nikki Myers
Kelly McGonigal
Chelsea Roff
Carol Horton
Traci Childress
Leslie Booker
Joanne Spence
Sue Jones
Jacoby Ballard
Elisabeth Garrett
Melissa Kleinman
Chandlee Kuhn
Argos Gonzalez
Marshawn Feltus
Jennifer Cohen Harper
Rob Schware
Mark Lilly
Bob Altman
Heather Ciociola
Jasmine Cherazi
Molly Lannon Kenny

Teachers are subject to change.