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Yoga Service Conference
Bringing Mindful Yoga to Underserved Communities

May 16–18
Course 1302-618

Tuition $395

Continuing Education Credits are available

Omega Institute and the Yoga Service Council are pleased to present the third annual Yoga Service Conference. The Yoga Service Council was formed at Omega in 2009 by a group of organizations bringing yoga to underserved populations. As membership of the council has grown, so has their desire to inspire more people to serve and empower their communities through yoga and mindfulness.

We’re honored to offer this unique and intimate opportunity to forge relationships, build skills, and draw inspiration from leading teachers who work with tens of thousands of people in underserved communities every day. During this powerful weekend, we explore the challenges and joys of sharing yoga and mindfulness in authentic and effective ways with all communities.

With the guidance of expert faculty, we address issues of diversity and cultural awareness, using inclusive and welcoming language, teaching from our own past experiences, and navigating situations when things don’t go as expected. Accessible yoga and mindfulness practices that can be shared with any community are offered, and ample opportunities are available personal practice and reflection.

In the spirit of community building and learning from each other, facilitated discussions are offered on working with specific populations, and Saturday evening a yoga service exhibition allows you to talk with the founders and leaders of dozens of service organizations.

Anyone interested in working to create strong, engaged, and resilient communities is welcome. You do not need to be a yoga teacher, or even a yoga practitioner to benefit from this conference. Social workers, school teachers, health-care providers, yoga teachers, and all others interested in exploring the possibility of bringing yoga and mindfulness to underserved populations are invited to attend.

Teachers are subject to change. For Saturday morning and afternoon sessions, you choose from a variety of workshops that range from teaching techniques for specific populations to putting together a research plan for your work to organization management.

Please bring a yoga mat, blanket, meditation cushion, and any other yoga props you may need. A limited number of props and mats will be available in various classrooms, but please bring your own. A limited number of yoga mats and props also will be available for sale at the Omega Store.


Kelly McGonigal
Hala Khouri
U.S. Congressman Tim Ryan
Roxanne “Nikki” Myers
Molly Lannon Kenny
Jay Fields
Mark Lilly
Chelsea Roff
Teo Drake
Sue Jones
Lisa Flynn
Geri Topfer
Jasmine Chehrazi
Bob Altman
Mary Lynn Fitton
Leslie Booker
Penni Feiner
Jennifer Cohen Harper
Rob Schware
Gillian Arthur