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Since 1977, Omega has been the nation’s most trusted source for wellness and personal growth. We are a premiere “go-to” resource for a wide variety of media outlets. If you are looking for story ideas or experts to lend credibility to your next article, we can provide relevant information and fresh perspectives on a wide variety of topics.

Omega Institute to Host Radical Remission Workshop for Those Managing Cancer

New York Times Best-Selling Author Kelly Turner to Teach 9 Healing Factors

RHINEBECK, NY – New York Times best-selling author Kelly Turner, PhD, studied 1,500 cases of radical remission—people who had complete reversal of a serious or terminal cancer diagnosis. While thousands of people have overcome cancer against tremendous odds, the commonalities among cases have not been widely reported. From October 14–16, 2016, Omega will host a workshop with Turner, Radical Remission: 9 Healing Factors to Change Your Life.  Turner will...

Omega Institute to Offer Wellness Opportunity: A Weekend Dedicated to Helping People Increase Their Health, Healing & Happiness

Three Top Teachers in the Fields of Naturopathic & Functional Medicine, Food & Nutrition, and Intuition to Present Methods of Finding Balance and Renewed Health

RHINEBECK, NY – For nearly 40 years, Omega has offered wellness programs that address the body, mind, and spirit by providing opportunities to slow down, enjoy nature, and rejuvenate. From September 30th to October 2nd, Omega Wellness Weekend will provide both beginners and those experienced with holistic health practices the opportunity to participate in a restorative...

Omega Awards 10 Scholarships to Contemplative Practice in Higher Education Event

Leaders in the Field to Present Proven Strategies for Educators & Administrators to Bring Contemplative Practices into College Classrooms

RHINEBECK, NY—Colleges and universities nationwide have begun integrating contemplative practices into classrooms—from yoga to contemplative reading and writing to mindful listening. Omega Institute is helping further the effort by hosting Contemplative Practice in Higher Education, September 23–25, 2016, on its Rhinebeck, New York, campus. Esteemed experts, Daniel P. Barbezat, Mirabai Bush, and...

Michelle Rivera-Clonch Named Omega Women’s Leadership Center Director

Former Director of the Women’s Center at Western Carolina University to Head Women’s Leadership Efforts at Omega

RHINEBECK, NY – The Omega Women’s Leadership Center (OWLC), a key initiative of Omega Institute, today announced Michelle Rivera-Clonch, an educational leader in women’s advocacy, as director of the OWLC. Rivera-Clonch, former director of the Women’s Center at Western Carolina University and, most recently, Supporting Professor of Counseling for Rollins College's Graduate Studies, is a seasoned champion of women’s leadership and...

Tourism Visitor Spending in Dutchess is up

A just-released New York State (NYS) report shows that visitor spending in Dutchess County in 2015 is at a record $528,333,000, as compared to visitor spending in 2014 of $508,991,000. In 2015 this spending generated $37,670,000 in local tax revenue, an increase from the $35,931,000 in local taxes realized in 2014. They divided their money on lodging, recreation, food and beverages, retail and gas station outlets, and transportation. Visitors’ expenditures supported tourism 9,994 jobs, largely in those industries. Tourism has increased considerably since the agency’s inception in 1984,...

Omega’s Annual Family Week and Mothers & Daughters Programs Emphasize Building Healthy Relationships

Omega to Offer Workshops for Families Throughout Summer & Fall 2016

RHINEBECK, NY – Omega Institute, nestled in New York’s Hudson Valley, will provide a series of programs throughout the summer and fall of 2016 designed to benefit families. A highlight among these programs, Omega Family Week has been popular for more than 30 years, as it delivers something rare for children and adults: a unique balance of time together and time apart. In addition, Omega will host several workshops for mothers and their daughters.

Award winning non-profit, TMI Project, to host true storytelling workshop at Omega Institute, August 26-28

RHINEBECK – This summer, for the first time, TMI Project will offer a version of its transformative memoir and true-storytelling workshop at Omega Institute for Holistic Studies.

During the weekend intensive workshop—August 26th-28th at Omega’s Rhinebeck campus—TMI Project Executive Director Eva Tenuto, and Editorial Director Sari Botton, will guide participants in crafting compelling monologues from their true personal experiences, including the “too much information” parts they usually leave out.

True storytelling has been gaining in popularity in recent years. It’s...

Omega’s Mindfulness & Education Conference to Focus on Diversity & Social Justice

 Experts in Mindfulness, Social and Emotional Learning & Equity in Education to Explore How Mindfulness Practice Can Help Address Systemic Injustice

RHINEBECK, NY – Research shows that mindfulness practices are profoundly beneficial to children in grades K-12, and especially effective in communities that struggle with underfunded schools and high stress. Learning mindfulness early provides children with lifelong skills that support awareness, empathy, and resilience. Omega Institute’s upcoming conference, Mindfulness & Education:...

Omega Helps Connect the Dots Between Food, the Environment & Health

Hudson Valley Leader in Sustainable Education Announces Summer Lineup of Programs & Demonstrates Commitment to Leading by Example

RHINEBECK, NY–Omega Institute, home of the award-winning Omega Center for Sustainable Living (OCSL) and long-time environmental steward, today announced a lineup of programs aimed at helping people transform their lives and communities toward greater personal and environmental health. Located in the heart of New York’s Hudson Valley, Omega’s 250+ acre campus offers guests an immersive...

Omega Institute to Offer More Than 45 Health & Healing Workshops, Conferences & Retreats in 2016

Leading Experts to Present Latest Findings & New Hope for Managing Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Lyme Disease & Cancer

RHINEBECK, NY – The Omega Institute, a premier nonprofit educational retreat center located in the heart of the Hudson Valley, will be convening an impressive lineup of top medical doctors and researchers to present a series of events throughout the summer and fall months of 2016. More than 45 workshops related to health and healing will be offered, including two Omega Wellness Weekends taking place in June and September....