Omega Staff Directory


Executive Offices

Chief Executive Officer   •   Robert “Skip” Backus

Chief Marketing Officer   •   Meg Downey

Chief External Affairs Officer   •   Carla Goldstein

Chief Operations Officer   •   Lois Guarino

Chief Financial Officer   •   Joel Levitan

Executive Assistant to the COO/Special Projects   •   Peter Arvo

Executive Assistant to the CEO  •   Brooke Bartlett Simpson

Executive Assistant to the CEAO  •   Marta Szabo


Campus Operations

Campus Operations Director   •   Holly VanLeuvan

Guest Services Manager   •   Aja Frend

Registration Manager   •   Rose Hues

Reception Manager   •   Marie Diperri

Registration Customer Service Supervisor   •   Randi Marshall

Housing Coordinator    •   Francis Comesanas

Faculty Housing Coordinator    •   Sophie Greller

Reservationist & CEU Administrator   •   Christin Nosenchuk

Reservationist & Scholarship Administrator   •   Diana Benz

Reservationist   •   Bridgit Mulpeter

Reservationist   •   Cheryl Rice

Reservationist   •   Lynda Sorenson

Reservationist    •   Lys Swan

Operations Systems   •   Chris Mitchell, Jr.


Curriculum Programs

Rhinebeck Programs Director   •   Carol Donahoe

Business Management Assistant Director   •   Debbie Warnes

Rhinebeck Programs Assistant Director    •   Veronica Domingo

Omega Program Strategist   •   Brett Bevell

Program Curriculum Developer   •   Peter Criswell

Program Curriculum Developer   •   Maureen Drake

Program Business Administrator   •   Alyson Swart

Program Coordinator / Project Manager   •   Jennifer Bosch


Event Services

Event Services Assistant Director   •   Chris LaBarca

Audio/Visual Manager   •   Ken Kuter

Event Services Manager   •   Rich Taylor

Event Services Administrative Coordinator   •   Jennifer Scott

Seasonal Assistant Production Manager/Maintenance Crew   •   Bob Benz


External Affairs


Director of Development   •   Veronica Fitzgerald

Associate Director of Development   •   Kate Cruz

Individual Giving Officer   •   Mary Richter

Annual Fund and Membership Manager   •   Amanda Graham

Information Systems & Senior Research Associate   •   Sue Miller

Development Communications Manager    •   Jennifer Montalbano

Development Events & Communications Associate   •   Sumi Shrestha


External Communications

External Communications Manager   •   Chrissa Santoro

Public Relations Assistant   •   Samantha Halitzer


Community Engagement

Community Engagement Manager   •   Susan Grove



Maintenance Manager   •   Daniel Hues

Maintenance & Facilities Coordinator   •   Charles Maccabee

Maintenance   •   Adam Hall

Maintenance   •   Walt Hunt



Finance Assistant Director   •   Jennifer Adler

Accounting Support Specialist   •   Linda Phillips

Accounting Assistant   •   Charles Waltermyer


Information Technology

Information Technology Manager   •   Rob Ellsworth

Senior Data Systems Manager   •   Leëta Damon

Marketing Data Programmer/Analyst    •   Kristen DeFilippo LaBarca

Help Desk Support   •   Donna Lewis

Data & Distribution Clerk   •   Carol Matthews



Digital Marketing Assistant Director   •   Laurie Zollo

Editor-in-Chief   •   Angela Casey

Marketing Project Strategist   •   Stephanie Almasi

Senior Editor   •   Andrea Durbin

Writer/Producer  •   Sean Finn

Web Developer   •   Matthew Kornheisl

Social Media Specialist   •   Michelle Horton


Media Design

Creative Director   •   Kathleen Laucius

Design Studio Manager   •   Mark Lerner

Graphic Designer   •   Erin Gehringer


Omega Center for Sustainable Living (OCSL)

OCSL Director   •   Laura Weiland

OCSL Communications, Editorial & Marketing Strategist    •   John Ferro

Gardener  •   Pam Vitarius


Omega Digital

Digital Media Director    •   Rob Harris

Post-Production & Content Editor   •   Jason Petersen

Digital Audio Engineer and Editor   •   Scott Mueller


Omega Women’s Leadership Center (OWLC)

OWLC Interim Director    •   Sarah Urech

OWLC Community Engagement Specialist    •   Terri Hall

OWLC Marketing & Communications Strategist    •   Sarah Anne Wilkinson


People & Culture

Human Resources Associate Director  •   Tami Stephan

Community Life Manager   •   Shulin Chinilson

Human Resources Specialist   •   Nancy Couse

Human Resources Specialist   •   Laurina Gibbs

People & Culture Administrator   •   Justin Orashan


Special Initiatives

Business & Program Development Strategist   •   Michael Craft


Seasonal Staff Department Managers

Café Manager    •    Tim McGuire

Campus Support Manager    •    Eric Baribeau

Children's Program Manager    •    Keith Walters

Dining Services Co-Assistant Manager    •    Dominic Wells

Dining Services Co-Assistant Manager    •    Joshua Williams

Executive Chef   •   Malcom Sanz

Foodworks General Manager   •   Sandi Trillo

Housekeeping Manager   •   Cindy Campbell

Library Manager   •   Paige Edwards

Life Guard Manager   •   Carey Tucker

Manager on Duty   •   Cristina Zaccheo

Manager on Duty   •   Turner Dubler

Manager on Duty   •   David Eaton

Omega Store Manager   •   Jean LaPlante

Wellness Center Manager   •   Kelly Armour


We gratefully acknowledge the contribution of the Omega Seasonal Community.