Accommodations FAQ

Omega lodgings can sell out quickly. Please keep in mind that weekends are a busy time in the Hudson Valley. We encourage you to plan ahead in making any reservations.

Q: What does the All-Inclusive Stay include?

The All-Inclusive Stay is per person and includes lodging, 3 meals per day in our Dining Hall, and an array of activities during your stay with us. You can explore daily open classes in yoga, tai chi, meditation, and movement; evening events, including concerts, films, and workshops; Lake swimming (June-August); canoeing and kayaking; basketball and tennis; and nature trails. You also have access to the Ram Dass Library, Sanctuary, Omega Center for Sustainable Living (OCSL), and more.


Q: Will I share a room?

If you choose a double-occupancy room, you will be assigned a roommate of the same gender. If you are planning to room with a friend, be sure to request each other as roommates and we will house you together. (Double-occupancy rooms contain two beds. Couple's rooms have one queen-size bed. For complete lodging descriptions, please see Sleep.)


Q: Do you have single rooms?

We have private rooms with private baths, and private rooms with shared baths. Our Dorm Singles are private rooms with shared baths. For complete lodging descriptions, please see Sleep.


Q: Can you describe your accommodations?

Omega accommodations are rustic, simple, and comfortable. Linens are provided for the Cabin Rooms, but not for the Dorm or Tent Cabins. For complete lodging descriptions, please see Sleep.


Q: Can I arrive a day early or stay a day late?

If you'd like to extend your stay with us, we suggest that you consider adding an Omega R&R Getaway Retreat [LINK TO R&R GETAWAYS] (2 night minimum) onto your stay. Please keep in mind that our accommodations are limited. It is best to contact us 2 weeks before your arrival date so we can do our best to accommodate you. But, please don't hesitate to call us anytime; we may have space available.


Q: Is there electricity in the Tent Cabins?

Yes, Tent Cabins have electricity and include a small table lamp. There is no heat in the Tent Cabins; but please do not bring heaters. You are welcome to bring a fan in the warm months.


Q: Should I bring a heater or fan?

There is no need to bring a heater or fan. With the exception of Tent Cabins, all rooms are heated and have either a ceiling fan, table fan, or standing fan.


Q: How much does it cost to rent linens?

A "Dorm Kit" containing sheets and towels is available for $8.00. Payment is due upon arrival.


Q: Can I bring my RV?

Omega cannot accommodate RVs on campus. However, there are several RV parks nearby. Call us at 877.944.2002 for more information.


Q: What is the Commuter Fee?

The Commuter Fee covers 3 meals per day in our Dining Hall and full access to our campus amenities. See Commute for more information.


Q: Do you have single-parent lodging?

Single-parent lodging is a Cabin Room (private bath or shared bath) suitable for one adult and 2 children, all included in one fee. Please contact Registration at 877.944.2002 for a complete description and availability. See Children & Teens FAQ


Q: What if I still have questions about my accommodations?

Please reach out to us at the Main Office at 877.944.2002:


Monday-Thursday and Saturday

8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m

Friday and Sunday

8:00 a.m.-9:00 p.m.