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Being Fearless Conference, Rhinebeck, NY

Action in a Time of Disruption


October 13-15, 2017

As we look to understand our way forward, it is difficult to find common ground when positions have become so oppositional and hardened. As our ability to hear each other is compressed into the 140 characters of a tweet, and news has become spin—how do we find ways to enter profound and necessary dialogue to address the urgent questions before us?

This critical conference, guided by an extraordinary group of courageous and insightful teachers, thinkers, and community leaders, brings together innovative thought, deeply felt activism, and contemplative wisdom as a foundation to navigate the times in which we live. Through stories from the front lines of change and panel discussions, along with interactive sessions, engaging conversations, community experience, and mindfulness practice, we explore the way ahead.

Whether you are a concerned citizen, business leader, educator, student, designer, builder, social activist, or politician, this gathering will inform and inspire you to take further action in your community.

Join us and step into a deep dialog engaging the path forward and exposing the strength and hope we all share for the future.

Tiered Pricing is available for this weekend conference: $500/$425/$350/$275, plus accommodations Please choose the price that is right for you when you register.

Scholarships are available; apply online.

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