Watch Past OCSL Conferences

Enjoy talks from these past OCSL conferences.

2015 Seeds of Change

Cultivating the Commons

In October 2015, Omega hosted an important conference about some of our most precious commons—food and water. The conference included eco-activists Vandana Shiva and Winona LaDuke, water advocate Maude Barlow, consumer activist and political commentator Ralph Nader, ecological visionary John Todd, and grassroots seed freedom and food justice advocates Ken Greene, Natasha Bowens, Jalal Sabur, and Will Allen.


2014 Where We Go From Here Conference

Building the Collaborative Commons

In October 2014, the Omega Center for Sustainable Living brought together some of the world’s leading thinkers, writers, activists, and practitioners in the fields of sustainability, economics, and social justice to discuss the commons. It was the first major conference on the commons in North America. Listen to talks from Vandana Shiva, Leslie Booker, David Bollier, Devita Davison, Winona LaDuke, Van Jones, Jeremy Rfikin, David W. Orr, Bill McKibben, and more.


2013 Where We Go From Here Conference

Opportunities & Solutions for an Interdependent World

Get inspired to make change with keynote talks from Jeremy Rifkin, Majora Carter, David W. Orr, Janine Benyus, Paul Hawken, Rob Hopkins, Michael E. Reynolds, and Bob Berkebile, as well as a panel discussion, conversations between pairs of speakers, and spoken word poetry.