10 Gluten-Free Grains for Everyone by Leslie Cerier | Omega


Who knew there were so many choices? As Leslie Cerier explains, everyone can benefit from eating a wide range of gluten-free whole grains. Gluten-free cooking and baking goes beyond just replacing the few popular gluten grains such as wheat, barley, and rye in favorite recipes. Worldwide, gluten-free whole grains are the foundation of a healthful diet—healthful not just for humans, but also for the planet.

Because many varieties of gluten-free grains are more closely related to their wild cousins than the hybrids we’ve come to rely on, they can often be grown more easily, using less intensive methods. Some gluten-free grains are drought-resistant, requiring less land and less water to produce high yields. Others grow in harsh conditions, from arid uplands to moist tropical settings.

As a bonus, many of them offer superior nutrition and higher-quality protein than wheat and other common grains. That means more net nutrition from the same amount of land. And best of all, this approach to easing our impact on the planet offers a delicious culinary adventure.


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