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6 Spiritual Workouts To Try

6 Spiritual Workouts To Try

Want to add a spiritual component to your workout? Check out these exercises for inspiration.


  • © Patricia Moreno/Sati Life

    IntenSati/Sati Life

    Created by Patricia Moreno in 2005, IntenSati workouts infuse shouting positive affirmations with sweaty conditioning moves, dance, and martial arts. The Pali/Buddhist word “sati” means mindfulness. Moreno’s workouts include “DanceSati,” “SoulSatiYoga,” “CoreSati,” and more. She says what makes a workout spiritual is the conscious intention for it to be so. satilife.com

  • © Circuit of Change

    Circuit of Change

    Take the essentials from exercise, personal growth, and community building, and you’ve got Circuit of Change. This mind-body style boot camp uses yoga, meditation, gymnastics, and martial arts. Brian Delmonico founded this spiritual workout to help people focus on their inner life through endorphins—neurotransmitters in the brain that make us feel good during exercise. As his website says, “Movement will heal you.” circuitofchange.com

  • © The 5Rhythms


    Developed by Gabrielle Roth in the 1960s, 5Rhythms is a freestyle dance class designed to use the body as a spiritual path and help participants tune into their instincts and intuitions. Each class takes you through five rhythms including “flowing,” “staccato,” “chaos,” “lyrical,” and “stillness.” People at any age and any dance level can participate at their own pace. 5rhythms.com

  • © ChiRunning


    About 65 percent of people who run have to stop at least once during the year because of injury. Danny Dreyer and Katherine Dreyer founded ChiRunning to make running more safe, efficient, and enjoyable. Based on the principles of tai chi, ChiRunning focuses on engaging the core and relaxing your limbs to give you better form while you run. chirunning.com

  • © Photograph provided by Nia Technique (www.nianow.com)


    Cocreated by Carlos and Debbie Rosas, Nia fuses traditions like Alexander Technique, Tae Kwon Do, modern dance, and Feldenkrais for greater body-centered awareness. Participants can dance, shake, kick, and even relax into the body with music. Each class follows seven cycles and teaches 52 principles of conscious movement. nianow.com

  • © SoulCycle


    Taking indoor cycling up a few notches, SoulCycle offers riders an intense cardio workout that will help burn calories and clear their minds. Classes are offered by candlelight and include high-energy music and inspirational coaching. Cofounders Julie Rice and Elizabeth Cutler wanted a workout that would make their hearts sing, and inspire people to change their bodies and find their souls. soul-cycle.com

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