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This quantum intuition practice shows you how to tap powerfully into superconscious information to receive real, meaningful guidance for your life.

Imagine that your intuition has access to the everythingness that surrounds you. Imagine that you can connect to that everythingness with the simple act of conscious thought. As we know from living in a digital era, information is embedded in energy. It travels in electrical signals. Whether it is traveling between neurons in our brains or electric currents feeding our computers, or even quantum communication, information flows abundantly, and interconnectedly, through the universe and human consciousness.

Practice: Going Through the Intuitive Wormhole
To see quantum intuition in action, let’s try one of my favorite intuition practices. The “Intuitive Wormhole” exercise is great for decision-making of all kinds, especially on-the-spot choices or moments when you just can’t make up your mind. Any choice. Anytime. Anywhere. This practice is so easy you can do it in any stolen moment during your day.

We understand that part of the “magic” of intuition is that it isn’t linear. It is like getting the answer to a mathematical question without having to solve the formula; you just know the answer. For example, if you are at point A and want to get to point Z, by using your inner guidance, you don’t have to go, step by step, through points B to Y to get there. You just, miraculously, travel from point A to Z in an instant.

When we apply this to life, we can find an answer we are looking for, even if we don’t have all the facts. In an instant, your intuition can circumvent the pros and cons, the rationales and justifications—and all the supporting data—to arrive directly at the truth. To experience this for yourself, use this simple intuition practice to “go through the wormhole” right now.

Step 1: Ask Yourself a Question
Think of a decision you have to make. Ideally, think of an either-or situation, like: Should I go on vacation to the mountains or the ocean? Should I eat meat or be a vegetarian? Should I date this person or not?

Write down the two options that you are choosing between. Then, ask yourself which option is the best for you. The question is point A, and the answer will be point Z. You will arrive at an answer without thinking your way through.

Step 2: Set Up a No-Mind Zone
Since you have to get your thinking mind out of the way, pick a simple symbol to represent each choice. For example, if you are choosing between going to the mountains or the ocean, think of an image of a mountain and an image of an ocean—and so forth. 

Once you have your two symbols, relax, take a few deep breaths, and clear your mind. When you are ready, close your eyes and envision the symbols in your mind’s eye. Place one on the right and one on the left, in your inner field of vision. It doesn’t matter which symbol goes where, as long as you can see them firmly, and equally, before you.

Step 3: Go Through the Wormhole
With your eyes closed and a clear, quiet mind, place your awareness on the images in your mind’s eye, one at a time. Allow each image to connect with you in its own way. Observe each one in turn and ask:
•    How does each image “feel”?
•    Is one more inviting than the other?
•    Which one draws you in more? Or pushes you away?
•    Does one grow closer, bigger, or stronger in your mind’s eye?

You might initially feel like your imagination is taking over, but this is really just the process of your mind letting go and releasing to your intuition.

As you hold your attention on your symbols, does anything else happen?
•    Does the image change or tell a story?
•    Does it convey some kind of information?
•    Does it speak to you metaphorically?

In the example of the vacation, if you are being guided toward the ocean, you may notice waves growing bigger or the sea becoming inviting. You might imagine yourself surfing or swimming in its cool, blue waters.

In this intuitive daydream—in “the wormhole”—your intuition uses metaphoric and resonant impressions to communicate guidance with you. Much like a dream, as you relax into it, the vision will take on a life of its own, as each symbol speaks to you in its own way. Ultimately, your daydream will unfold for you in a specific way to give you the guidance you are looking for.

If your mind gets in the way, simply take a deep breath and start over. Sometimes it takes a few tries to quiet down our thinking and surrender control of our thoughts.

Step 4: Arrive at the Answer
Which symbol do you connect with more? Which symbol resonates with you more or draws you in? The answer is your point Z. 

When all goes well, you arrive effortlessly at “point Z.” One of your choices speaks to you in a way that others don’t. One of your choices “feels” right. It answers your question with a knowing feeling—one that you arrived at without reason or deliberation. You do not have to stress or toil over options; you don’t need to gather all the facts. You simply open up to the information and receive it.

At first, you might think you are making things up, but as you move deeper into the symbol’s feeling of resonance, a kind of knowingness arises. It just feels right (or wrong), a quiet certainty rises behind each choice, until the choice becomes clear. In this way, you know the truth by the way it feels. Your inner guidance draws you into the symbol that engages you by alignment with your best path.

Adapted from Radical Intuition: A Revolutionary Guide to Using Your Inner Power by Kim Chestney. Copyright © 2020 by New World Library.

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