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“We inhabit a borderland between Newtonian physics and the quantum model of reality,” says biophysicist and cell-biologist Joyce Hawkes. The secret to healing and living well is learning to find balance along the interface of both.

Being human is a strange and wonderful experience. We are big enough to fall like Newton’s apple, yet our cells are small enough and work fast enough to qualify our inner workings as a quantum universe. We inhabit a borderland between Newtonian physics and the quantum model of reality, and we smoothly operate within these two realities. The body handles the details of the intricate workings of our 100 trillion cells without our conscious intervention.

When we consider our spiritual nature, we encounter another borderland. The closer we come to an experience of oneness, or union, in the classic spiritual sense, the more our personal reality merges with the divine—existing in an embrace at the threshold between flesh and spirit.

Indeed, the whole universe exists in harmonic resonance. Atoms vibrate and their complex arrays of matter, from mountains to moons to mothers, move with those vibrations enabling us to enter the dance of harmony, find healing, and discover renewed vitality.

Sooner or later we all face challenges with these biological, Newtonian bodies we have. Illness or injury may stop us in our tracks. Resonance becomes dissonance, leaving us to wonder what to do, where to find help, and why we are in such a state.

Ultimately we can learn to walk a middle way—the edge of the interface of both—with delight, healing, and curiosity. Each day is a new journey on that edge and cannot be second-guessed. A renewed sense of wonder returns again and again, as we live a practical life in the luminosity of expanded awareness.


Excerpted from Resonance: Nine Practices for Harmonious Health and Vitality by Joyce Hawkes, PhD.

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