Are You a Goddess Standing in Her Core? by Sierra Bender | Omega

Sierra Bender, author of Goddess to the Core, says now is the time for women to be warriors of compassion and strength, and to become courageous protectors of our most important and precious resource, Mother Earth. After all, when we learn to heal ourselves, we also heal the earth.

Women as a whole cannot move forward until we recognize that our feminine essence is the core of our being—our gift, our worth, and our calling. When we do not recognize this fact, we are only an interpretation of a goddess, a woman who may fall prey to the beauty, medical, and fitness industries that have stripped and depleted us and the earth.

Now is the time for women to be warriors of compassion and strength who will lead the battle for the survival and protection of our most important and precious resource, Mother Earth. When we learn to heal ourselves, we also heal the earth. Now is the time to step up. What are we waiting for?

The time has come to put our female spirit into action and become victorious and courageous, not victimized and compromised.

The female spirit is a magnificent combination of Goddess and Warrior:

  •    Flexible but firm
  •    Graceful yet strong
  •    Receptive yet protected
  •    Observant yet focused
  •    Compassionate and powerful
  •    Emotional and intellectual
  •    Peaceful yet fierce

A Goddess Warrior creates her own destiny, rather than allowing her environment to shape her. Her energy comes from a place of centeredness and balance. She is in touch with her intuition and brave enough to follow its guidance.

In order for you to do the necessary work to unleash the Goddess within, you're going to have to make a commitment to yourself that you will master the fine art of surrendering and that you will consciously choose to stop, look, and listen to what your deeper inner knowing is telling you any time your rational mind starts with negative chatter.

To remind yourself of your dedication, say the following mantra to yourself many times a day.

Goddess to the Core® Mantra

    I am a 21st-century goddess
    I am feminine

I am sensual
I am sexual
    I am powerful

Don't ever mistake my kindness for weakness, and don't ever take me for granted.

When you have mastered this natural state of being, you will have found your true Goddess nature—your Goddess to the Core.

Excerpted from Goddess to the Core by Sierra Bender. Copyright © 2010 by Llewellyn Publications.

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