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This month, the sky starts to open up and the energy flows more freely. Mercury stations direct on August 8. And since it's been retrograde since July 14, says Eric Francis, we can all breathe a little bit easier for a stretch. It’s also a great time to tackle big projects. For this month's horoscopes, see Planet Waves Horoscopes: August 2012.

In August, the sky starts to open up and the energy flows more freely. The obstacle course that we've been running since January morphs into the art studio/healing space indicated by the Leo-Virgo line, which the Sun is gradually approaching. If you've been having productivity or creativity challenges, prepare to focus and move forward. Granted, this is happening in August when most people would rather be taking it easy.

But before we go further, there are (as ever) some highlights worth mentioning. Currently, Jupiter in Gemini is square Chiron in Pisces. This is an aspect associated with those who devote themselves to social causes; the wisdom attribute of Jupiter and the applied healing/focus quality of Chiron join forces in a provocative way. Start with yourself first and work your way into helping the world. Make your contribution from a solid place. As my friend Scott Kalechstein once said (as if describing this aspect), "get the word in before you get the word out."

On August 1, the Aquarius Full Moon was opposite the Sun in Leo. When you see a Full Moon on the first of the month, that hints there will be a second Full Moon that month—and that second Full Moon is called a Blue Moon. I have absolutely no interpretation of this whatsoever; it's pure trivia. (The Pisces Full Moon happens August 31—more on that in a few weeks.)

Next up is Mercury stationing direct on August 8. It's been retrograde in Leo since July 14. That will begin the first extended stretch of 2012 with all of the inner planets direct. That condition lasts a whole three months, until November 6, when Mercury stations retrograde on Election Day here in the United States. [I'll come back to that one as well—let's just say that event will give us a moment to pause and reflect on the meaning of elections.

Take advantage of this phase of direct inner planets, by which I mean tackle your biggest projects during this brief three-month phase. For now, prepare yourself for what you need to accomplish with all the red and yellow lights suddenly turning green. Summer is a nice time to chill out, though I suggest you keep your focus on your goals and intentions.

On August 15, there is a conjunction of Mars and Saturn in Libra. There are a few ways to look at this aspect; I will sum up by saying that your sense of fairness is the thing to be working with as it approaches. This is not a time to cheat or to take advantage of anyone—it will blow back in your face. Keep your balance and use the energy of Mars-Saturn to develop your goals and as an opportunity to take action on an important professional matter. It might be a tense time in relationships; if someone is acting immature, deal with them on something other than their level.

We then have the Leo New Moon on August 17. This is a special event, as the Sun and Moon will be opposite centaur planet Nessus—which is the third centaur, with two layers of meaning. The first is about understanding the connection between cause and effect, and altering the cycle when necessary. The second is that it relates directly to themes of sexual healing, including the healing of abuse legacies. The essence of the New Moon opposite Nessus is cultivating an understanding of what is your material in a relationship and what belongs to someone else. Often we take on someone's abuse legacy, or project our own into the partnership. Now is a time to sort this out.

There is one more notable event in August: 1992 QB1 turns 20 years old. I keep mentioning this bit of space dust, which was the first planet ever discovered in an orbit beyond Pluto. That's in a place called the Kuiper Belt, a vast region of space just past Neptune where there are millions of little icy and rocky planets orbiting our Sun. I am planning a rousing tribute to 1992 QB1 in a late-August edition.

As you can see, 1992 QB1 is a planet with a temporary designation and no actual name. Dale O'Brien wrote to me and said, "It's already named! Cue: Be One." Now that's an apple from the very tree I've been barking up since I heard about this point not long after its discovery.


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