Become the Sky by Steve Taylor | Omega

Steve Taylor, a researcher and author of five books, was included in Mind, Body, Spirit magazine’s list of "the 100 most spiritually influential living people." His work has been described by Eckhart Tolle as "an important contribution to the shift in consciousness happening on our planet." His spiritual poems, published in The Meaning, offer a profound glimpse into the presence he speaks about in his work.




The cage that you’ve been trapped inside
for longer than you can remember—
it might seem so sturdy and secure
that you don’t even dream of escaping anymore
like a bird that used to beat its wings
but now just lets them hang limply by its side.

But the bars of the cage aren’t even solid
They’re a mirage made up of fears and desires
projected by your restless mind
fuelled by the attention you give them.

Just for a moment, let your mind be quiet
and see how fears evaporate
see how desires withdraw
like the claws of an animal that’s no longer threatened.

Watch the bars melt away
and let the world immerse you
let your mind-space merge with space out there
until there is only space, without distinction—
stretch your wings and become the sky. 

From The Meaning by Steve Taylor.

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