Can Lyme Disease Be Treated Naturally? | Omega

Richard Horowitz, board certified internist and medical director of the Hudson Valley Healing Arts Center, is a pioneer in the treatment of Lyme disease and chronic illness. His book, Why Can’t I Get Better?, has empowered patients and doctors alike to take an integrative approach to healing.

Omega: Is it possible to effectively treat Lyme or its coinfections with an all-natural approach?

Richard: If people are not that ill—let's say they only had one tick bite, they didn't get a lot of coinfections, and they are generally in good health—it's possible to use herbal protocols. You can use traditional Chinese medicinal herbs or the Cowden Condensed Support Program, which uses Samento and Banderol, two powerful antimicrobial herbal extracts. And there are other herbs and a lot of detoxification people can do.

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