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There are so many things in life and in the world around us that are dark and difficult. Deborah King, a master healer and author of Truth Heals, asks: What if we accept negative events in our life as a pathway to growth and enlightenment?

There are so many things that we deal with every day in our own lives and in the world around us that are dark and difficult. There are times when it’s hard to imagine that the world will change and life will get easier.

How much more gracefully can we accept challenges if we know that experiencing them will help us to recognize and appreciate the better times that will come if we just allow them to? That way, what is truly negative?

As a spiritual teacher, energy healer, and life coach, I recommend the following techniques to shift the negative elements that you see over to the positive.


Accept your past mistakes, traumas, and misfortunes and realize that they have made you the person who you are today, and they have given you the strength and experience that you need to create a better life for yourself.


Take advantage of the opportunity to learn from negative experiences so that you don’t repeat them. Be aware of your decisions and take responsibility for your actions—it will take you a long way toward higher consciousness.


Look for the light and appreciate it—and, in bad times, know that experiencing the darkness will make you value the light even more.


Be positive and open to the laws of the universe, picture the dynamic, flowing symbol of yin and yang, and have faith that the dark times will cycle into the light.

Using the techniques above will help manifest the change that you want to see in your life and in the world.

I also recommend limiting exposure to the news, as well as violent television shows and movies, and make sure you spend time meditating, talking to good friends, and exercising. These are just a few of many ways to keep the dark and the light in balance in your life.

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