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Andrea Becky Hanson, author of Light Through the Keyhole, explores the nature of stress in our fast-paced, technology-based society—and describes her holistic approach to managing it.

The particular challenge we have in this era of human evolution is the incredible fast pace and 24/7/365 constancy with which new information and energy becomes available to us, and the incredible speed it is transmitted and downloaded. In fact, media experts tell us the amount of information available to us in the last three years is more than the information available in the last 6,000 years all together. The effects of this shift in our environment are prevalent because in most cases, our learned coping mechanisms and our nervous systems are not quite up to the task of taking in and processing the incredible amount of information we seek and/or are exposed to.

In some circles, high stress is actually considered a mark of an important person, and in many cases the belief gap possibilities have increased exponentially and our minds simply do not know what to do with all the energy and information, new beliefs, and ways of doing things.

These circumstances decrease our natural abilities to handle stress because we tend to remain in a constant state of activity in an attempt to deal with the stress. Because the natural living and healing cycle of all living things is alternating activity and rest. Under stress, we are in a constant state of activity and/or not living in harmony with the natural cycle of all living things, and our bodies are not able to heal and rejuvenate as they were designed to. And, our natural healing abilities become suppressed.

Today, there is an increase of emerging and chronic disorders and diseases. Some are identified as 21st century epidemics. They are named and coded regularly to diagnose, describe, and identify the depth and seriousness of maladies such as, Relentless Stress Syndrome, Post-Traumatic Stress, Adrenal Fatigue, Cold Depression, and all kinds of complex anxiety, depression, cancer, immune system deficiencies, and mental-emotional and personality disorders.

There is plenty of research to show that there is a direct correlation between continual stress and disease. Stress syndromes and disorders are prevalent and numerous and well-noted in the allopathic medical and psychological manuals, journals, and research. There are endless categories noted with specific causes and symptoms. It is referred to in some cases as “the invisible injury.” Possible treatments range from none to rehabilitation methods, pharmaceuticals, psychiatric interventions, hospitalization, and perhaps institutionalization depending on severity of symptoms.

Taking a Holistic Approach

In holistic diagnosis, stress is considered the first phase of disease and taken very seriously before it transforms or transmutes into even more serious stages of illness. Since the holistic approach is to pursue dynamic balance, release interruptions in the energy system, and reinstate natural cycles, all treatment is focused on those goals as early in the detection process as possible and much attention is put on prevention. The symptoms are the clues to imbalance, but the holistic focus is the original source of the problem and the restoration of health of the whole being.

The holistic, body-centered, energetic approaches and practices of entraining with natural cycles are considered the New Medicine. Even though they are based on ancient wisdom, they are supported by the leading edge scientific findings and are incredibly empowering and effective. The ancient technologies and leading edge therapies and scientific findings are understandable and offer empowering paths through the immense and innumerable challenges of our times.

Light Through the Keyhole is about discovering the keys you possess right now that will unlock your understanding and experience, assist you safely on your path and close the gap that keeps you from your desired life. This holistic energetic view of life is focused on healing the sources of negativity and unhappiness to enable the symptoms of stress, struggle, disease, and suffering to fall away. It is in this way we become free to live the joyous, fulfilling life we are meant to live!

How Breath Can Help With De-Stressing

Breath is used to signal your brain that you are safe and stimulates the relaxation response. When we are stressed or suffering from unfound fear or anxiety, or we are just plain nervous, we tend to hold our breath on the inhale. This signals the brain we are in danger and the brain prepares the body for attack. When the danger is not actually real, we can signal the brain that we are safe and it will begin to prepare us for safety and the symptoms of anxiety will subside.

Be comfortably seated and take three full breaths and relax. Inhale slowly and deeply to a slow count of five (about a second each if possible). Immediately exhale slowly and completely to a slow count of five (same length as inhale). Hold and rest in the space at the end of the exhale for 3–5 long counts or as long as it feels good. Notice all sensations as part of your experience. Continue for at least two minutes or until you are feeling calm and balanced. The count can be increased to seven or ten, as long as it is comfortable as you increase your ability to consciously control your breath and calm your physiology.

Excerpted from Light Through the Keyhole by Andrea Becky Hanson. Copyright © 2013 by Andrea Becky Hanson. Used with permission.

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