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When we take religion away from our understanding of faith, how do we define it? James Van Praagh, one of the world’s most renowned and respected spiritual mediums working today, suggests that faith is part of our spiritual nature and it's the part of us that informs intuitive knowing. Below, he describes how having faith can make you a better person too.

"A little faith will bring your soul to heaven,
but a lot of faith will bring heaven to your soul."
—Author Unknown

When one hears the word "faith," inevitably they mix it up with some kind of religious definition. It is true, as many would attest, that the word faith has something to do with a belief system. But just for a few moments, I would like for you to release any preconceived notions or religious, ideological definitions of the word faith and replace it with this description: Faith is embracing an awareness of trust and doing so makes us better people.

I believe that, as souls entering this earthly vibration, we come to this planet with a complete set of "knowingness and trust." Our souls have traversed many times, spaces, situations, places, and lands. Faith is present within the soul as a sort of a essential ingredient. Faith is indeed that innate "knowingness" we all have, that sense that things will all "work-out" eventually. It is as if faith is our lens to a higher understanding of our nature. It gives us the realization that we are merely energy systems and we are bigger and exist way beyond the limitations of this physical body and physical world.

Of course the amount of faith each person has varies with their own soul's individual level of experiences through lifetimes. I personally know that as a soul my faith and many other spiritual attributes have been tried over and over again through experiencing many of the world's spiritual disciplines. For example, I have had several lifetimes as a Tibetan monk, a Jewish rabbi, a Catholic monk, a Muslim cleric, a Shinto priestess, and many, many more.

And with those many lifetimes of experiences, today I believe that all "faiths" or "religions" have a bit of the truth, but no one religion has all the truth. For me, the only "religion" I would follow is that of love.

Remember: One person's faith may not be yours. Yet never give up faith in yourself and others—for, with it, faith can move mountains, create a new way of living, and just bring us a little closer to our true nature...which is love.

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