Grow Your Own Food Anywhere | Omega

Eric Toensmeier shares tips on how anyone can start growing their own food, in any space.

Omega: For someone who is new to growing their own food, even if it’s on a fire escape in a city apartment, how do you suggest they get started, in the best, easiest way?

Eric Toensmeier: You start with what you have. Even on a fire escape you can grow some potted chives. You can grow some mushrooms in the house, have a little worm bin to capture your waste. When you have a little bit of land, one of the things I like people to start with is berries. I find that berries are mostly pretty easy to grow. There are berries for every type of terrible soil you might have. They have the advantage of making fruit within two years, so you’re not waiting as long as you have to for an apple tree. They come back every year, unlike tomatoes.

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