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To be happy is the primary mission of being human, says Paolo Spoladore, an Italian priest and musician affectionately called Donpa. But how do you find happiness or become happy? For decades in Italy, Spoladore has offered a unique process of healing based on divine principles and designed to promote happiness in everyone. The best part is that Spoladore’s PneumoPsicoSoma healing method is something that anyone can do.

Life gives everyone the potential to create healthy, happy, autonomous lives with fulfilling relationships, but few people learn how to attain balance or create the life they desire. To be happy is the primary mission of being human. And creating a life of harmony is the way to be happy.

The most beautiful thing I have seen during my lifetime is how everything is perfectly reasonable and connected. Harmony and disharmony alike follow rules and precise principles. Learning the rules of how everything works can lead to wisdom and create a life of harmony for anyone.

For more than 30 years, I have worked with tens of thousands of people who seek a practical and efficient method to create harmony in their own lives. Over time, I developed the PneumoPsicoSoma (PPS) principle, which is based on a physical law describing the behavior, relationships, and bonds of the three human dimensions (mind-body-spirit) that provide us movement and life. This unique method demonstrates that our internal harmonies and disharmonies are not just psychosomatic, but also pneumo(spirit)-psycho(mind)-somatic(body).

The PPS method is effective in solving psychic problems, diseases, discomforts, phobias, depressions, and many other disharmonies. It is easy to use, with tools that are understandable and accessible to everyone. Intended to empower you to help yourself, the PPS method can help you find your own way to improve your life and health. It lets love and a concern for personal development grow within your heart, and it helps you rediscover the love of life.

Not a teaching, the PPS principle is an awareness of how we function as humans within the three dimensions of spirit, mind, and body. What makes the PPS principle so important is that it is awakens the inner-knowledge of optimal functioning that each one of us was born with.

Simply put, the PPS principle is based on the physical law that energy cannot be blocked; it can only be substituted or replaced. Thoughts and emotions cannot be stopped, but if they are disharmonious, they can be substituted or replaced with thoughts and emotions that create harmony and promote well-being.

This is true of every aspect of the human body, mind, and spirit. Every cell in your body, for example, employs a specific function in its autonomy and interdependence. So if a specific part of your body is showing disharmony, or is ill, a particular function of the body is also compromised. By deeply understanding the physiological function of that specific part of your body, it is possible to go back to the spiritual and psychic meaning that each disharmony represents. Once the spiritual and psychic meaning of a physical disharmony is understood, it is possible to go back to the thoughts causing them, and therefore to put everything back into balance.

The PneumoPsicoSoma method works because each of our three dimensions (spirit-mind-body) is interconnected and reveals clues about the other aspects. For example, body language reveals everything about a person—his or her hopes, dreams, desires, psychic and spiritual disharmonies, physical ills, and personal traumas. By reading body language, along with a person’s case history, it is possible to understand where traumas took place and how to replace them with harmonious life events.

The PPS principle offers people the tools you need to understand your body’s language, and reprogram your thoughts and emotions in a powerful, enduring, and autonomous way, ultimately creating a life of harmony.

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