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Some scientists have begun to acknowledge that consciousness creates the material world. Pam Grout, author of E-Squared, reveals what this means to you and how you can create your own reality now.

Reality ain’t all it’s cracked up to be.

In fact, it’s not a stretch to say that everything you think is real is not. Physicists, for going on 100 years now, have not known what to make of the fact that Newton’s classical view of the world has absolutely no bearing on the way the world works at its core. The subatomic realm so defies all reason and logic that most scientists, scared to endanger their academic credentials, have more or less ignored the fact that life is nothing like what we pretend it is.

In fact, it’s so freaky—particles popping up out of nowhere, time slowing down and speeding up, particles reacting and communicating with each other even when separated by thousands of miles—that the only thing scientists have done with this information so far is develop technology that allows us to blow each other up, send text messages, receive cell-phone messages, and nuke our Hungry-Man TV dinners.

Even the two main fundaments of physical reality—space and time—are not what they seem. These two physical mainstays are nothing but extremely convincing optical illusions. Physicists like Bernard d’Espagnat, winner of the 2009 Templeton Prize, tell us it’s high time we trade in our formulation of natural law for a radically different, more accurate view of reality: namely, that consciousness itself creates the material world.

Consciousness itself creates the material world. —Pam Grout

Even though every physicist on the planet knows about the freaky universe where matter pops into existence from nothing at all and where electrons can jump from one orbit to another without travelling across intervening space, most have chosen to ignore it, to shrug their shoulders, and to employ the old tween standby, “Whatever!”

It’s not that they’re in total denial. As I mentioned, they’ve used the new physics to develop lasers, transistors, superconductors, and atom bombs. But they can’t even begin to explain how this quantum world works. As physicist James Trefil observed, “We’ve encountered an area of the universe our brains just aren’t wired to understand.”

A few brave physicists are starting to acknowledge that their precious assumptions may be wrong. They’re admitting that the fundamental tenets of material reality just don’t hold up. Some are even brave enough to admit that consciousness itself creates the physical world. (As Dr. Fred Alan Wolf, a physicist popularly known as Dr. Quantum, says, “It boils down to this—the universe doesn’t exist without a perceiver of that universe.”)

All I have to say is, “About time.”

A Course in Miracles, a self-study program in spiritual psychology that I’ve been practicing and teaching for 25 years, has always advocated the idea that consciousness creates the material world. It says we humans decide in advance how we’re going to experience life, that we choose beforehand what we want to see.

The problem is, we all look at the world with a giant chip on our shoulder. All we need to do to change the course of our crummy lives is to get over our ongoing grudge against the world, to actively see and expect a different reality. As it is now, we devote all our time and attention (our consciousness, if you will) to things we do not want.

But it’s nothing more than a bad habit. And like any bad habit, it can be changed with conscious and deliberate effort.

Observe Things Into Form & Create Your Reality

If you ask me, learning how to transform energy is so important it should be taught along with reading, writing, and arithmetic. And it all starts with intent, the force that lies behind everything. It’s the energy, the fuel, the electric charge that sets up a resonant field and sends out probability waves into the “field of potentiality” (FP). Esther Hicks, who facilitates the Abraham-Hicks material, calls it “launching a rocket of desire.” Giving it attention adds mass.

The minute you make an intention, you create it. It’s instantaneous. It exists as an actual thing. You don’t see it yet because you’re still operating from linear time. You’re still sold on the old-school adage “creating things takes time.” So you keep working and waiting. You keep following the seven steps from the latest self-help book.

But here’s what physicists tell us. Things, in the quantum world, do not happen in steps. They happen immediately.

So the thing you intend, the minute you intend it, exists, but like Schrödinger’s cat, a famous thought experiment devised in 1935 by Austrian physicist Erwin Schrödinger, you’re only aware of the reality you choose to observe. The physical manifestation remains enfolded outside your current consciousness.

Cutting-edge physicists tell us life is multidimensional. But most of us are stuck in our one-dimensional physical reality, restricted to what we experience with our five senses. What we experience with these alleged foolproof tools of observation are nothing but what we decide to look for. It’s not even a chicken-or-egg question. What we see, experience, and feel with our five senses always comes after the decision to see, experience, and feel it.

I liken consciousness to a giant skyscraper. I may be living on the second floor, but the “thing” I created with my thought is up on the 17th floor. Until I can get to the 17th floor, it appears it’s still missing, that I’m still waiting.

Another great analogy is a television set. If you have cable, more than 100 channels are yours for the clicking. TiVo aside, you can only watch one channel at a time. When you’re watching, say, Modern Family, you’re chuckling at the antics of Cam, Mitchell, Phil, and Gloria, and you’re completely unaware of the other 99 (or more) channels. That’s why it’s really important to stay on the channel you want. Don’t give any airtime to the reality from which you’re trying to escape. Tune in only to your intent.

Excerpted from E-Squared: Nine Do-It-Yourself Energy Experiments That Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality. Copyright © 2013 by Pam Grout.

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